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10 Unwritten Rules Of Healthy Living

What do you think is the reason behind the extreme hikes in the number of cases of chronic diseases that are preventable, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, etc., today? What’s more, these figures exist and continue to soar despite the current generation being more proactive and progressive in their approach towards health, including an accessible health care system. 

For a considerable part, the reason lies in the decreasing quality of life. It follows how healthy living is not limited to being diseases free or physically fit. Instead, it extends to cover every aspect of a human’s existence, from mental to spiritual and emotional. Health directly or indirectly links to everything else in life, such as happiness, work, relationships, etc. Therefore, even if it seems you are solely compromising on health, it is not the case.

You may be already tired of other people advising you to adopt a particular lifestyle or change your outlook; however, know that way to a healthy lifestyle begins at a fundamental level with minor changes and not through some grand gesture. Let us look at some simple and profound unwritten rules to good health. 

Get Up And Move 

Humans should not spend their time sitting on a chair or cooped up in bed, and it is a fact. Born with a body made to move, no matter how difficult it may seem, physical activity is uncompromisable for attaining good health. 

But while lack of physical activity can put one at risk of developing major health issues, it does not necessarily mean one has to exhaust themselves with athlete-like workouts to stay fit. Instead, moderate exercising for about 150 minutes per week, dividing up to 30 minutes for five days a week suffices. 

Furthermore, may you exercise regularly in any form you like, such as dancing, walking or just riding a bike, to not make it a chore but fun. 

Do Not Compromise On Your Sleep Quality 

Working overtime or being a workaholic may be an excellent way to boost your work ethic, frame a good impression, or just cover more in little time. However, to neglect sleep for that or any other reasons whatsoever is not good for you, to say the very least, be it your mental health or physical. 

Know that quantity is nothing without quality; something lack of sleep snatches away from you in the long run. Six to eight hours of sleep is a must for an average adult, both excess or absence, which makes one susceptible to numerous diseases, lack of focus, etc. So, try your best to avoid sleep deprivation despite the hectic schedule and watch how it improves your life quality. 

Eat Right 

A healthy diet forms one of the most crucial aspects of a healthy lifestyle, and the fact is non-negotiable. Ensure that you choose healthy foods that you like to eat. Of course, there are certain foods that you must avoid, such as those with trans fat, saturated fat, etc., but again, limiting them to once a week and making up for the calories and damage through exercise or fasting is also an option. Furthermore, for healthy but bland food that one must consume, even if unwillingly, be innovative and turn it into something you like rather than avoiding it entirely. 

Stay Hydrated

One can make a never-ending list of the benefits and cruciality of drinking water, including how water removes toxins from the body, boosts energy, aid in diseases and illnesses of several forms, etc. 

Unfortunately, however, despite the common knowledge that a person can live only up to three days without water, 75% of the total population is chronically dehydrated, easily leading to kidney damage and other issues.    

Many often mistake the feeling of thirst for hunger and therefore end up overeating. Therefore, it is important to look for signs, starting with feeling thirsty, which suggests you are already dehydrated. You may further diagnose dehydration through the color of your urine. The more dark and yellowish the color, the intense is the dehydration. 

Prioritize Your Happiness

Feeling a range of emotions is an essential human trait, and there is nothing wrong with being angry, sad, frustrated at times. However, what counts is how often you are happy on an average day. 

So, if happiness does not come naturally, be it due to circumstances or just your very nature, begin with pretending, of which laughter therapy makes a good example. Also, try pursuing more activities that you enjoy daily. 

Take One Day At A Time And Start As You Wake Up

It may not be easy to be fresh, motivated, stress-free, happy, and positive all the time, not to mention the uncertainty of what the future holds. Yet, many people put off health, be it spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical, for a later day in the future and believe that stress and exhaustion today will give them a satisfactory time ahead. But can you be so sure of it? 

Living the best life one day at a time, starting with a powerful and optimistic morning, is the largest step you could take in the direction of a healthy lifestyle. Avoid stressing, build new and good habits, exercise regularly, meditate, keep a journal, visualize a dream, and go one day at a time. 

Focus On Breathing 

Most people are so used to shallow breathing that they often do not even realize that they are, in fact, just surviving without actually appreciating the flavor of each breath and its dramatic impact. 

As simple as it may seem, deep breathing can significantly turn your life around. It includes filling up your stomach with air and not the chest, inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the mouth, using your diaphragm in the process, etc. It will not just improve your lung capacity or health but boost your mental well-being as well.

Be Kind

If life was, in fact, all about oneself, personal needs, and concerns, then every other person should have also been the happiest, but apparently, the reality differs. Several testimonials and experiences reveal that apart from self, living and doing something for others, be it an animal or a homeless man, or just your neighbor or perhaps a stranger has the same positive impact on you as it has on them.

Be kind to others, volunteer, take focus away from self for some time and look at the broader meaning of life; everything else from good mental health, spiritual satisfaction, emotional strength, and physical activeness will follow.

Do Not Hesitate To Ask For Help

Not every sad feeling or tense encounter has to be depression, anxiety, or other health issues, but it does not eliminate the chances. Confiding in a friend, a family member, or even just a therapist can significantly help you release all your worries and stress while building composure and strength. 

And as said earlier, everything is interconnected, so as you cure one of your worries, answers to the rest will come eventually. Just start reflecting and ask for help. 


Maintain a healthy life by eating nutrient-rich foods, pursuing activities you enjoy, properly expressing your feelings, and exercising regularly. You can live a long and healthy life if you focus on self-care and doing things that make you happy. It is just as important to surround yourself with positive people that love and care about you. The people in your life will help you through rough times, but it is up to you to make healthy choices every day. 


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