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10 Ways To Be More In Tune With Nature

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, people often forget that they are human, that our existence on this earth is as majestic as it is mysterious. In the daily grind between work, parenting, and mindless recreation, people start losing touch with their spiritual self. Taking time to break off from that monotonous routine and connecting your sense of self with the bigger whole of nature is very important. A spiritual connection to nature affirms your selfhood and provides clarity to the mind. 

If you love being outdoors and hiking, take some time to try being one with the cosmos. This meditation with nature will help you discover peace, satisfaction, and your inner identity – one that’s apart from being a spouse, parent, friend, employee, and child. Here are some ways you can achieve harmony with nature.

1). Commit A Few Hours Outdoors 

Western society teaches us to be super productive all the time, which leaves our lives busy and full of unrest. You can make a schedule if you like but commit to a fixed amount of time in nature. It’s very easy to fall off the wagon otherwise. The first step to having a good relationship with nature is the commitment to the process.

2). Alone Time Is Important 

When you’re going outside, whether it’s a hiking trail, woods behind your locality, or a park, you must spend time alone with nature. Bringing other people or your mobile phone with you can be a distraction. You should learn to enjoy your solitary time in nature.

3). Find A Nice Spot 

All the world is nature, but that doesn’t mean you can connect with it inside your house or any random place in the woods. Locate a place that is quiet, serene, full of life, and emanates joy within you. If you’re worried about your safety in a secluded place, bring a whistle and pepper spray, and keep a tree branch or stick close by you if you can.

4). Sit With Nature 

Sit down on the ground to meditate. It might work for you to establish a spiritual connection with nature while jogging or walking, but most people find it easy to focus when their mind and body are quiet and relaxed. You can even lie down in the grass or on a yoga mat and concentrate on interacting with the trees, blades of grass, blowing wind, and the looming sky.

5). Observe And Communicate 

Take in all the light surrounding you, along with the birds, insects, trees, saplings, flowers, clouds, etc. Think about their histories and their life cycles. Employ all your senses to all their capacity to interact with nature – see, hear, touch, smell, and notice its beauty and complexity. Ask questions of it, make conversations with it.

6). Pay Attention To The Animals And Plants 

Humans aren’t the sole sentient beings on this planet. Observe how plants and animals move, eat, and communicate with each other. Feel their presence, and try to understand what it’d be like to be them. Try to connect with the hundreds of year-old trees, the small bird that flies hundreds of meters high, and the insects that burrow into the earth.

7). Comprehend The Vast Kindness Of Earth 

Imagine the earth as a whole, a great old spirit that nurtures every type of living and non-living entity that is a part of it. Feel the network of life connecting everything that flows through the earth. Take in the great landscapes – the desert, mountain, river, and sea. Feel your own presence as one of the many infinite parts that make the spirit of the earth.

8). Connect With The Sky Spirit 

The sky is truly majestic as well. It’s open and infinite, and it changes colors and mood. The sky spirit provides rainfall which nourishes plants and replenishes groundwater. The sun provides light and energy. Focus on the celestial bodies present in the sky – the moon, the sun, the uncountable stars. Feel the threads of fortune that connect you to all this wonder.

9). Hear Your Own Ancestors’ Spirits 

When the world started for humans, they lived near nature. They prayed to the spirits of rivers and mountains. They ate what nature fed them and wore what garbs nature provided for them. In nature, try to hear the echoes of your ancestors. Time is like a river, and all spirits are swimming through it. Meditate on your history and past, forge a connection with the spirits of your predecessors.

10). Maintain A Gratitude Journal 

When you return home, journal about the marvels of nature you experienced and the small details you notice, and the big changes you make, express gratitude to nature for raising you. This exercise in humility will bring you deep satisfaction.


Connecting with nature is a great way to maintain good spiritual and mental health. It can help find who we are inside, provide clarity, and prioritize things that truly matter to us. It is a healing process and leads us to a better life.


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