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10 Worst Foods For Your Anxiety


Food is essential as it gives us energy and helps us repair the damages in our bodies. We must consume the right foods. Fast food has become very accessible, and there are so many different types of fast foods that it is straightforward to consume junk food and suffer from many different health problems. One problem that you will face if you do not watch your diet is anxiety. 

Cakes, cookies, Candies, And Pies

Most of these foods are high in sugar, and you mustn’t consume too much sugar because sugar can cause a sudden spike in your blood sugar, which can lead to anxiety. Try your best to eat healthy and good foods and if you want something sweet, try having fruits instead of these sweets. Of course, you can have sweets, but it is better to have these sweets on special occasions rather than all the time. 

Sugary Drinks

Most package drinks have lots of sugar-loaded in them, and there is no nutritional value. Even the fruit juices are not very healthy because these juices do not have any fiber. Fiber can slow down digestion, and this can prevent any blood spikes that you might get. As mentioned above, blood spikes can cause anxiety.

Coffee, Tea, And Energy Drinks

Drinks that contain caffeine have been shown to increase anxiety. Caffeine increases adrenal production, and this increases the heart rate and anxiety as well. If you have more than 5 cups of caffeine a day, you are at a high risk of getting anxiety.


Alcohol is bad for you in many ways. Alcohol can spoil the quality of your sleep, and it can also lead to your blood sugar spiking. You can also get dehydrated and have lots of anxiety and worry as well. Avoid drinking too often. You can drink occasionally, but in general, try and stay away from alcohol because it can cause problems.

Fruit And Vegetable Smoothies Without Protein

Having smoothies can be an excellent way to get your micronutrients, but if those smoothies are high in glycemic index, you will spike blood sugar levels. This leads to anxiety. Try and add some protein to all your smoothies because it will keep you more satiated, and you will not get as many sugar spikes. You can add protein powder, seeds, or nuts. 

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are not suitable for you, and they might be even worse than actual sugar. Some people might not feel any anxiety, but others might. Therefore, it is best to stay away from artificial sweeteners completely, as you would be better off if you do so. In addition, artificial sweeteners can be related to many neurological problems, so avoid consuming them in your diet. 


Gluten might have a connection with anxiety, although it is not inevitable. Some people are allergic to gluten, and they should cut it out, and others can consider doing it. Do your research in-depth and figure out if you wish to remove gluten from your diet. It might be helpful for you, although you must know that the science backing it is halfway. 

Hidden Sugars

Many foods are not sweet to taste but have sugar loaded in them. Tomato sauce is one such example. This sugar can be a cause of a blood sugar spike. When you buy food from a supermarket, make sure that you read the ingredients well to know if there is any extra sugar. Many items might look very healthy, but they have lots of sugar in them, so you should be aware of these products. 

Processed Vegetable Oils

Whenever you eat fast food, it is common for you to feel a little different after you eat it. This is because the oils used in these foods are highly processed vegetable oils like soybean oil or corn oil. These oils are known to cause anxiety. However, there are more healthy oils that you can use that are not as bad for you.

It is essential to know that if you suddenly cut out things like caffeine and alcohol, you might experience withdrawal, and it might seem that you are getting even more anxious. It is best if you remove these things from your diet more gradually to reduce any side effects that you might face. Things like drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol can cause anxiety, so eliminate these things from your life. 


Many people suffer from anxiety, and they do not know that the cause of it is the food they are consuming. We must eat well so that we look good but also feel good. When people have anxiety, they might take medications and go to the doctor when the cause might be their diet. Do not take mental health lightly. Try your best to solve your issues as soon as you can. Work towards eating better and eliminating or cutting back on all the foods mentioned above.


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