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2021 Top DNA Ancestry Tests


It took Alex Hailey ten years and a million miles of travel across three massive continents to discover his roots. Not anymore; all you need is a suitable DNA test kit to crack your seeds. More than the inheritance query, it is essential to know whether we are susceptible to diseases routed through genetic inheritance.

The DNA test kit’s invention has helped humanity know about their bloodline and analyze health risks, genetic characteristics and support legal pieces of evidence.

Home DNA test kits have grown in technology and popularity over the years. With so many variants, it becomes a challenge to choose the right one. This article will tell you A to Z about the DNA kit and help you select the best DNA kit available in 2021.


How is a DNA test done? 

Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA is the genetic code in your cells. It is a piece of complex information and unique for all beings. Mapping of this code is done with the parent code to ascertain the family tree.

DNA test kits work by sending samples of saliva or blood. A sample of cheek saliva is collected in a swab and dispatched to the assigned lab. The results can be seen online or in a PDF file within a few weeks.

There are three kinds of DNA tests.

    • A mitochondrial DNA test (mt DNA)

This specific test determines the genetic relationship on maternal lineage and can show the roots up to 150,000 years.

    • Y-DNA test

This test is only for men; it determines male relatives up to 60,000 years.

    • Autosomal DNA test

This test can determine the genetic relationship for both mother and father outlines. This test identifies relations up to seven generations.

Choosing the Right Test

All three tests will give you the details about your ancestors. However, the companies have different mapping as per ethnic groups. The accuracy will improve with the increase of data. AncestryDNA has the most extensive database as of date. So which test is the best?

    • mtDNA and Y-DNA will represent only a fraction of your family tree.
    • An autosomal DNA test will give the entire family tree.

Is DNA Test 100% Accurate?

DNA tests are almost 100% accurate; to be more specific it is 99.9% accurate in determining a biological parent. 

If you are undergoing a DNA test for legal claims, an examination will be required in the presence of legal and medical representatives. You can use a home DNA paternity kit and forward the samples to the assigned lab directly for other curious reasons.

Reports show that more than 12 million people have undergone DNA testing using test kits. These testing kits are easy to use, accurate, affordable, and a great asset to know about your health information. 

Here are the best DNA Ancestry kits available


23andMe was founded in 2006, and it has a customer database of over 12 million. Another landmark was in 2017 when it became the first DNA testing approved by the FDA to screen diseases. 23andme offers ancestry as well as personal trait genetic services across the globe.

Its health features include knowing about the chances of certain health conditions related to genetics and carrier inheritance diseases. It also gives an insight into lifestyle changes that will improve health conditions. 23andMe is also accurate for ancestry DNA and provides information on paternal as well as maternal lineage. It can tell your DNA family tree from more than 2,000 regions. It also predicts preferences using trait features. 

Your data is protected and private using the data encryption technique; it will be your choice to share your data. There is also an option to participate in research studies. Your volunteer contribution helps in scientific studies to understand specific codes related to people’s health worldwide. 


AncestryDNA was founded in 1980 to become the most significant DNA testing company in the world. It provides an accurate chart of your family history, making AncestryDNA a global leader in tracking family trees and heritage. It is also making big waves in finding a vulnerability in health conditions. 

AncestryDNA is the best choice because of its extensive database and popularity. AncestryDNA claims to have more than 18 million profiles, including hundreds of historical database documents. The company has a powerful search tool with a growing database. AncestryDNA has proved that thousands of people are sharing the same genetic code, making them distant relatives. You can also see an interactive map that shows where your ancestors hail; it is indeed an excellent tool for building a family tree. If you are interested in signing up for their service, there are different subscription plans available.


MyHeritage is best suited for match-making since it has the most prominent international customer base. This Israeli-based company was founded in 2003. It has acquired a considerable amount of historical databases and started DNA testing in 2016. The company claims to have 3.5 billion profiles and over 100 million subscribers., an acclaimed genealogy social media account, manages this vast database. 

MyHeritage offers two kits; the standard kit and the health and ancestry kit. The standard equipment covers only genealogy, while the health and ancestry kit offers additional potential carrier risk and genetic health. A DNA test is private and secured and delivers the results in 3-4 weeks.

Family TreeDNA

Family TreeDNA was founded in 2000. It is the only company that has its testing facility located in Houston. The company offers all three types of tests – mtDNA, Y-DNA, and autosomal DNA.

The company’s family ancestral package provides information on ethnic and geographic origins; it also identifies relatives from its DNA database. Family TreeDNA provides migration maps, haplogroups, chromosome browsers, and ancestral references. From a privacy and security perspective, the company promises not to sell your data to a third party. It has its testing facility, which gives added assurance about data security.


LivingDNA is a UK-based company that claims to be the most detailed DNA test in the world. The company launched its DNA storage firm in 2001, and in 2004 the DNA testing firm was established. In February 2020, the company introduced an African ancestry DNA report on 72 regions free of cost for existing customers. The autosomal kit provides ancestry connections in almost 80 regions. The wellbeing package includes information on ancestry with an advanced nutritional response and body fitness. LivingDNA assures its customers about the security and privacy of their data. The firm has a policy not to sell customer data to a third party.


These were the top DNA ancestry test kits available as of date. Choosing the suitable DNA testing kit will depend on your ethnic group and goals. AncestryDNA, 23andMe, and MyHeritage have proved to be leaders in the business. AncestryDNA has the most extensive database and has a prominent edge over the others. We hope this article gives you all the details about the top ancestry DNA test kit of 2021.


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