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9 Reasons To Get Up Early

The saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. However, worms are not necessarily an incentive for most individuals to get up early in the morning unless fishing is involved. Yet, waking early in the morning dies to have its advantages. Continue reading to find out why it is worth setting that alarm for early in the morning.

Additional Time For Yourself

Suppose you reside with other individuals, whether adults or little ones. Rising early could provide the individual with some much required and probably crave time for themselves. Additional time to enjoy the coffee as you casually flip through the newspaper. Or simply embracing the silence could aid in preparation for the day that lies ahead.

Additional Time For Exercise

If exercise is important for the individual, they somehow struggle to arrange a time to get it done. Rising early could be the answer. Getting in that workout first thing in the morning counteracts the temptation to skip out on it. As the day progresses, social commitments and or job commitments could deter them from exercising. Just being tired could also be a major factor. Another benefit of rising early is that exercise stimulates a surge of endorphins, enhancing a person’s mood. It could also reduce anxiety and lower stress, plus increase the levels of energy.

Reduced Time In Traffic

Getting out of bed and getting out of the house early could help individuals beat the normal traffic. This is a practical plus across the entire planet. Reduced traffic does not simply save money and time. It could assist in safeguarding the health and well-being of the individual as well. Scientists have connected traffic to respiratory problems, rage and aggression, depression, and stress.

Extra Time To Get Things Completed

Like most working adults, there is always that wish that there were more hours in the day to get things accomplished. Well, by rising earlier in the morning, you can grant your own wish if the individual sets their alarm to an hour or two earlier than normal. They do not have to pack every second with something to do, obviously. However, if the individual requires a little more time, rising earlier provides them with that chance. It is a distraction-free opportunity to take care of things that otherwise might not get accomplished.

Better Quality Sleep

Scientists have discovered that individuals who rise early tend to go to bed earlier. Thereby enjoying a longer and better quality of sleep. Receiving adequate amounts of sleep has its advantages, like reduced risk of obesity and other chronic conditions, better concentration, and enhanced mood. On the other hand, lack of sleep could mess with the individual’s sex drive. It could also increase their risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. A weakened immune system, which means individuals might suffer from sickness more frequently, is also a downside to lack of sleep.

Better quality of sleep generally leads to additional energy. If individuals are going to sleep earlier and achieve better sleep quality, they should be more rested and refreshed.

Healthier skin

Uncomfortable nights could manifest on the skin in the form of paleness, wrinkles, fine lines, and droopy or swollen eyelids. Sleep deprivation could contribute to the development of acne as well. Good nights’ rest help maintain the health of the skin. As individuals sleep, the skin cells revitalize and regenerate. Repair to environmental and ultra-violet damage occurs due to increased blood flow and collagen.

In addition, going to bed early provides the opportunity to practice additional skincare, such as washing the face. Therefore, do not be alarmed if you awake with a morning glow.

Reduced Dark Circles

Individuals could bid farewell to dark circles once individuals combine getting up early with going to bed earlier and not sacrificing sleep. This is because dark circles are formed by shadows derived from puffiness under the eyes. This reason for the puffiness is fluid build-up due to lack of sleep.

Additional Time For Breakfast

Rising earlier in the morning provides additional time to prepare and enjoy a nutritious and filling breakfast, rather than grabbing a quick donut and coffee on the run. Beginning the day with a healthy, nutritious meal could lead to feeling fuller for longer, with extra energy for the hectic day ahead.

Aids In Concentration

The brain does not wake up at the same time the body does. This is the reason individuals tend to feel disoriented and groggy when they first awake. This sleep inertia is a frequent part of the awakening process. Yet, it could linger for close to an hour, even more at times. This makes it more difficult to focus and get things completed if they get up and out of the house too quickly. Rising earlier provides time to become fully awake, so the individual is more focused.


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