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The 9 Worst Foods For You

Eating healthy is one of the best ways to stay fit. It is important to eat the right foods to prevent illnesses. Knowing which foods are bad or good for you isn’t always easy. Usually, it’s the ones that are deep-fried and sugary that are unhealthy and have many effects in the long run. Natural and fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables are the best for your health. To make it easy, we have made a list of the 9 worst foods for you.


You may think that this is the ideal healthy breakfast food, but it’s, in fact, the opposite. Most cereals contain lots of harmful ingredients. For starters, they have lots of preservatives to make them last longer. They are also high in sugar and artificial flavors. You may want to start with cereals that are high in fiber and low in sugar. It is best to stay away from these processed foods and give your children healthier, natural alternatives instead.


Not only is this greasy food high in calories, but it’s terrible for your health too. They contain acrylamide, which is highly cancerous. Potato chips are one of the biggest reasons behind obesity, given that they are so high in calories. One ounce of regular potato chips has 152 calories, so you can only imagine how many a bag of them would have! The worst part is that they are not even a satisfying snack, so you would rather have a healthier alternative, more filling and less in calories.


We all love them, but they are one of the worst foods for your heart and overall health. Donuts are deep-fried and full of sugar. They are also low in nutritional value, which means that they won’t fill you up for long, and the chances are that you’ll end up eating more. In other words, they are just empty calories. Replace these sugary treats with natural alternatives that are just as scrumptious yet much healthier.

Fizzy Drinks

These are one of the absolute worst things you can do to yourself. Fizzy drinks are responsible for many health problems, such as heart diseases, osteoporosis, tooth decay, etc.  Their artificial coloring derived from coal tar can cause allergic reactions, asthma, fatigue, etc. To add to that, they have so much sugar that it will eventually lead to obesity. The average coke can contain 10 teaspoons of sugar.

You may think that diet drinks are better for you, but they aren’t. Even though they may have lesser calories, they contain artificial sweeteners that slow down your metabolism rate and have many harmful effects on your health. Avoid fizzy drinks altogether and switch to natural juices that are so much better for you.

Canned Soup

While the soup is considered healthy for you, canned soup is just the opposite. It is full of preservatives. A lot of these canned soups also have a large amount of salt. This, in turn, affects your kidneys; the sodium content in these soups will stay in your bloodstream leading to water retention and bloating.

Moreover, in general, canned foods are considered to pose health risks in fetuses, infants, and children’s brain development. They may contain the chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA) that can cause many health issues. It is better to have fresh soups so that you get the nutrients without the unhealthy effects. It’ll also taste a lot better and will be worth the little bit of hassle.

Processed Meats

Just like other processed foods, processed meats to are bad for your health. They are known to contain nitrates and other chemical additives, which help preserve the meat for longer. These preservatives can be harmful to your health. They also cause health risks, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and certain forms of cancer. Some processed meats, like sausages, are even worse for your health because they are made using unwanted animal parts mixed with great amounts of salt and fat.


It is commonly believed that margarine is healthier than butter; however, that’s a misconception. Margarine is full of unhealthy saturated fats that will raise your cholesterol levels and increase your chances of getting heart disease and stroke. They may even contain trans fats. If you use margarine as a key ingredient, replace it with healthier alternatives such as olive oil or vegetable oils, which will help lower your cholesterol levels.

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is one of the unhealthiest foods out there. For starters, it is high in fat, calories, and sometimes even salt. Research has shown that eating fried chicken can lead to major health problems, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, cancer, obesity, etc. This is because it has large amounts of oil, raising your blood pressure and cause high cholesterol. Eating it regularly can cause bad bacteria to form, which could lead to inflammation in the body.

White Bread

You may not be aware of how unhealthy white bread is for you. If you think about it, the main ingredient in white bread is flour, which is the primary component behind weight gain. It doesn’t have the fiber needed that’ll keep your blood sugar levels stable. To add to that, they lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Replace your white bread with whole-grain bread that is so much better for your health. It will be so much better for you in the long run too.

Each of these 9 foods is unhealthy and will affect your health if not in the short run, then definitely in the long run. It is best to cut them out and replace them with healthier alternatives.


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