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Benefits Of Being Around The Ocean

Staying close to the ocean is perhaps said to lure positive vibes, which can be traced back to the 18th century when doctors prescribed curative tips. Beach therapy is perhaps the inexpensive form of medicine each of us has to implore for physical and mental well-being. Gone are the beach days we would cherish as kids. So for your next vacation plan, you ought to be close to the ocean for its therapeutic efficiencies.

A Toast To Your Mental Well-Being!

A chaotic life can be stressful with work and tensions. However, a considerable amount of scientific data suggests that coastal living keeps anxiety and depression at bay. People have comparatively lower stress levels when they reside close to the shore than when they moved inland. When you think about the ocean, all you can recollect is blowing salty wind, the high-frequency waves, and soft sand under your feet: no chaos, no crowd, no pollution. An ocean is open to every thought of yours because its extended arms can take in all the negativity and push back positivity. There is no room left for irrational or stressful thoughts. With these feelings in mind, one can therefore sleep well.

In an astonishing study published in 2019, almost 26,000 people were surveyed for analyzing their mental health based on their distance from the sea. The report revealed that people staying half a mile away from the sea were 22 percent less likely to have mental problems than those living more than 30 miles away.

A sea is perhaps the best place to meditate. The rhythmic sound of the waves can tune with your heartbeat, allowing you to feel the moment and pay attention to your breathing. The benefits include controlled breathing, increased happiness, feelings of relief, contentment, and a general feeling of well-being. In a relaxed position, your nerve sends impulses that increase the release of serotonin, a happy hormone that keeps away stress, anxiety, and depression. There is no adrenaline rush, and so the cold feet are always kept at bay. Your body and mind work in synchrony, and so it’s never too late to take favors of the sea because it never wants anything in return.

A Little Physical Activity Has Never Done Anyone Bad!

Apart from reducing stress and anxiety, you should add a beach walk or a beach exercise to your list of physical activities. The sand on the beach makes it harder to walk, jog or run, making it an efficient way to burn calories. Apart from that, a beach closer to your house never asks for subscriptions encouraging you to engage in long-term runs.

The saltwater is perhaps therapeutic. If you ask your elders, they will encourage you to dip in the saltwater if you have bone or muscle pain. Saltwater is a hypertonic solution that maintains an osmotic pressure by reducing the inflammation and pain out of your body. Seawater is also rich in magnesium, sodium, potassium, chloride, sulfur, and iodine, essential elements required by the body for normal functioning. For example, seawater works wonders on your skin because the magnesium present opens up your pores and perhaps its elasticity, keeping it well hydrated.

Another piece of evidence suggests that those living close to the sea have extremely low chances of conditions like goiter or iodine deficiency compared to mountain inhabitants. Primarily because of the large availability of salt, increasing iodine uptake. Iodine is an essential component for thyroid hormone metabolism, a deficiency of which can lead to health-related problems. The wind close to the sea also includes a musty salty flavor that helps clear respiratory mucus for those suffering from sinusitis.

How To Make The Best Of The Sea?

The next time you catch yourself in between work stress, an anxious mind, and expectations, go to the sea. Take a few deep breaths of peace. Sunrise or sunset are the best times to be at the beach because it reminds us that there has to be an end after every beginning, and so the negatives would also end. So take a few rounds and remember to unplug yourself from electronics. A piece of advice would be to start your day with a jog on the beach or a weekend swim.

The Bottom Line!

The beach may sound like a white noise machine, generating sounds of serenity and peace. And the research available makes it very clear that a beach is a place of definitive therapy, for one can seek shelter in the cool breeze and free-flowing water. So make the most of your days and spend at least a day with the sea for better well-being.


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