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Complete Body Workout In Ten Minutes

Exercise is one of the key elements responsible for prolonging your life on earth. Exercising regularly makes your body adaptable, healthy and reverses the aging process. Your muscles get stronger and increase your endurance when you exercise religiously. However, exercising daily is a resolution that is quite difficult to make. It takes almost 21 days to make something a habit, and you can try this approach if you seek to exercise daily to get strong.

Additionally, doing vigorous exercise often calls for demotivation for the following days. Therefore, one needs to perform exercises that are light, effective, and of less duration. Yes, such exercise exists, and it will help you become a fit and energetic individual. Here is a list of ten-minute full-body workouts with no equipment that will keep your heart pumping.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are the most effective exercise that helps strengthen your core. It is also responsible for active major muscle groups like shoulders, quads, triceps, and core muscles. The exercise was inspired by the movement of mountain climbers on steep slopes, except here, you have to mimic this position on a flat, soft surface. Keep your core tightened when performing the exercise. 

Bodyweight Squats 

Squats are one of the most effective ten-minute exercises that target muscles all over your body in addition to strengthening your core muscles. Many beginners underestimate the importance of squats. Even 20 reps per set make a huge difference, and one can immediately see an improved posture. Thus, even 20 reps target almost all the muscles of your body, and it hardly takes a minute to complete two sets. You can slowly modify the squats and increase the number of sets as your body gets adapted.


Push-ups mainly focus on your triceps, chest, and shoulder muscles and give an instant pump widening your chest. Additionally, push-ups also target your core muscles, helping you increase endurance and increase strength. A push-up is a challenging exercise for beginners, and it is one of the most effective exercises without equipment. If you are interested in calisthenics, the first skill to master is doing 20 push-ups a day. If you are comfortable doing 20 push-ups a day, increase the reps and challenge your body, and you will see significant changes in your muscle groups around your chest, shoulders, and triceps. 


The plank is responsible for toning your abdominal muscles and helping you reduce your belly fat. Additionally, a plank is also responsible for strengthening core muscles, enhancing your strength, and improving endurance. You can begin by holding the plank position for 20 seconds. Once you master this, you can increase the duration. Plank also helps strengthen arms and shoulders. There are various other modifications of the plank which you can find on the internet. 

Leg Raises

Leg raises are slightly tricky to do, especially for beginners. It targets the upper back muscles and relieves you from lower back pain. All you have to do is lie down on the floor and raise both your legs, ensuring your upper back is pushed towards the floor, and return to the starting/initial position. Do multiple reps, and you will see results in no time. Push-ups target upper body muscles, and the leg raises the target upper and lower back, making it a deadly combination. 

Stationary Jogging

If you are lethargic and do not have the time to go for a run, you can perform a stationary jog at the same place. You can start jogging in the same place as a warm-up exercise which targets your leg muscles and improves your stamina. This also makes you ready to perform HIT (High-Intensity Training) and helps you achieve the athletic figure you desire, like athletes and trainers. 

Jumping Jacks

If you don’t own skipping ropes, then jumping jacks make an excellent alternative to keep your heart pumping and improve blood circulation in the body. Jumping jacks are a cardiovascular exercise helping you stay active and reduce cholesterol even if you perform the exercise for a minute. Jumping jacks are responsible for the extensive fat burn as the movement requires many calories to be burnt. Hence, you can end your ten-minute workout by performing jumping jacks and staying active throughout the day.


All the exercises mentioned in this article do not require any special equipment. Before investing in a gym membership, it is important to religiously perform these 10-minute exercises that target all the muscles in your body and targets major muscle groups. Additionally, your body gets stronger, improves performance, and keeps you away from diseases. Doing these exercises at least seven times a week will help you see significant results in the long term in addition to having good food. So grab a towel to soak that sweat and stay active. 


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