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Cons Of Sleeping With TV On

Who doesn’t love to watch TV? Most of us are habitual of sleeping while the TV is on. At the same time, others are lulled to sleep while listening to the white noise. Moreover, some people can’t stand having a TV in their bedroom. Be it light or a mere distraction, apart from all this debate spectrum. Therefore, it would be best if you were keen to know the cons of having a TV in your bedroom. This way, you will be able to differentiate and decide whether you should have a TV in the room or not. 

Stimulates Your Brain

Keeping TV as passive entertainment in your room can lower your sleep quantity as well as quality. However, many shows give you a quiet deep sleep and keep your body relaxed. But, on the contrary, some shows do not stimulate sleep. This is because our brains catch the signals quite instantly, such as light signals and sound signals. So our brain nerve cells want to soak all the information. And this can be the consequence of not getting proper sleep as it keeps your mind active, and you will not be able to fall asleep, which delays REM sleep. 

Blue Light At Night

One of the reasons why TV can stimulate your brain is because it emits blue light. The blue light is similar to natural sunlight. Blue light can lead your mind to stay awake even if you are exhausted. Your brain gives a signal that it is daytime and you should be awake. 

Covers Up Relationship Issues

When you have a huge family with four to five kids, sleeping on time is crucial and plays a vital role. Having a TV in your room takes up your time of sharing talks and thoughts of the day. And this can lead to negativity and less bonding between the family. This can be one of the reasons why you or your partner can avoid potential talk when there is some discussion going on. You make room for big issues to get bigger as you avoid hashing them out. 

Less Time For Intimacy

When there is a TV in your bedroom, you don’t spend good quality time with your partner, and here is when the bond starts to get shattered. When you are so engrossed in your TV, you barely can have time to spend a good time with your partner, and if you sit together, you can make things out and give time to each other to get to know each other better. Also, there is a situation when you and your partner both are stuck watching TV then this leaves less or even no time for you to talk about things. As a result, TV can be a great barrier between you two and lead to a lack of intimacy.


Altogether, there are many cons of having a TV in your bedroom. Living with your partner could cause a few problems in your relationship, such as less intimate time together, disrupting sleep schedules, etc. Your own sleep schedule might suffer as well due to the blue light emitting from the TV. All in all, it is best to keep the TV out of your bedroom so you can have the uninterrupted sleep your body craves.


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