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How To Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is a response that the body gets when it has to fight against infection or injury. So inflammation can be a good sign to show you that your body is fighting. The issue is that sometimes inflammation can happen without any illness or injury. 

You might get inflammation when there is no injury at all, and since your body cannot heal anything, the white blood cells begin to destroy the organs, joints, and arteries. Inflammation usually happens due to stress, a bad diet, or a lack of exercise. Over an extended period, inflammation can be horrible, so it is crucial to keep it in check. Keep exercising, sleep well and eat good food. 

Initially, the signs of chronic inflammation are very vague, and you might even come to know that you have chronic inflammation. You might feel tired, but the inflammation does cause a problem for you over time. You might get blood vessel disease, obesity, cancer, or even Alzheimer’s disease. The immune system cells can even cause fat to build up inside the heart arteries and cause clots in the arteries. Such blockages cause heart attacks.

Eat More Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Food is very important, and since we eat it so often, we should make sure that we are eating the right foods. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and preventing too much sugar can help in general health. In addition, foods that contain omega three acids can be very good to prevent inflammation. Some sources of anti-inflammatory foods are salmon, tuna, soybean, walnuts, etc. In addition, foods like celery, grapes, turmeric, ginger, tea, and even whole grains are very good to prevent inflammation. All the foods that we know are bad for us should not be consumed, and if you keep that in mind, you will not have any issues knowing which foods are great for your health and which ones are bad.

Eliminate Inflammatory Foods

You should avoid foods high in fat like red meats, corn oil, and processed foods as much as possible. These foods lead to chronic inflammation and other problems like obesity if you consume them excessively. You can make out the way a person leads their life by looking at their body, and you can understand the exercise and the way they eat food. All the foods that we know are bad for us should be avoided, and we should eat the foods that are good for us. If you eat the foods mentioned above, you will be healthy in general, and as a bonus, they can also prevent chronic inflammation.

Control Your Blood Sugar

All simple carbs can cause a spike in your blood sugar, so you should avoid these foods as much as possible. Foods like white rice, refined flour, refined sugar, and corn syrup can cause spikes in your blood sugar, which is not good for you. Instead, try to look for foods that have more fiber, and you will generally be much healthier for it. For example, you can swap white bread with whole wheat brown bread, change white rice with brown rice and try to eat more fruits and vegetables, and your blood sugar will not see any sudden spikes and crashes.

Take The Time To Exercise

Keeping a good exercise routine and exercising regularly is a great way to prevent inflammation. Any aerobic or cardio exercise combined with weight training a few times a week is ideal to stay fit and look good. When you exercise, you will not only keep the inflammation away, but you will also look better, feel better and lose a lot of extra weight that you have. Exercise can also improve your mood and prevent stress.

Lose Weight 

Excess weight can cause many long-term problems, and if you lose that weight, you might have less inflammation due to that. Many of your other issues will also stop if you reduce the weight that you have. You should try and change your diet or try and exercise more often, and over time you will start to see results and go away from getting chronic inflammation.

Manage Your Stress 

Stress, just like weight, is the cause of many long-term problems, and you can try and manage your stress so that your whole life gets better and your chronic inflammation starts to go away. You can do things like meditation or yoga to reduce the stress that you face during the day. You must also change your perception of things because there will always be stress, but how you deal with your stress is up to you. All these things can help you over time.


The best thing is to be aware early and follow all these steps so that you never have to face chronic inflammation in the first place. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, not just chronic inflammation but many other problems of yours will disappear, and you will be able to lead a better life.   


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