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Natural Remedies To Cure Common Ailments

Natural home remedies could relieve various types of pain and make the individual feel a whole lot better. If the issue is not quite serious and the individual is certain that it does not need expert attention. Mother Nature is there to assist.

Back Pain

There are unique acupressure points located on the lower back, directly below the waist, and just above the hips. Ask an individual to gently massage these points for a temporary reprieve. Get your back massaged with alcohol. Prior to getting the massage, clean the skin on the back. Drop some alcohol on the back and start a gentle massage. Sandalwood oil is also a great product to be massaged with as well; it provides a very relaxing sensation. Lifting heavy objects and carrying them should be completed very carefully to avoid injuring the back.

The optimal variant in this situation is to bend the knees and never bend at the waist. Heat and cold therapies are also great options. Switch between the hot and cold packs every twenty minutes. Ice wrapped in a towel can substitute for a cold pack. Selecting the correct mattress to sleep on is also vital. It should never be too hard or too soft either. Sleeping in the fetal position has also been known to help place a pillow between the knees. If lying on your back, place the pillow under the knees.


Apply a cold pack to the painful area for about fifteen minutes while lying down. For about thirty minutes, place two slices of potato on the temples. Combine one clove of garlic with one tablespoon of honey; this will stimulate the sensory areas in the brain and cause the pain to relieve. Relaxing and attempting to massage the headache away in circular motions using the tips of the fingers. Peppermint tea is also known to be a powerful relaxant, as it is quite often used in pain relief. Chamomile tea could also aid in the relief of discomfort and pain.

Nasal Congestion

Steaming water, then putting some in a bowl and holding your head over the bowl covered with a towel as the water evaporates. Remember to inhale the steam. Boil eucalyptus leaves in a bowl. Breathe in the steam by holding your head over the bowl. This could provide relief very fast and enhance sinus drainage. Apple cider vinegar and honey mixed with a glass of water allow the mixture to rest for roughly three minutes before drinking. Cinnamon, sage, and bay leaf combined with hot water will provide relief of a stuffy nose.


Tea tree, sprinkle a couple of drops of this oil onto a sponge and then place it on the affected areas. Brewer’s yeast, combine this with milk, juice, or yogurt. This combination is a natural skin cleanser that aids the individual with dermatitis. Oatmeal, cover roughly 500 grams of oats with one liter of water. Boil the mixture for a couple of minutes as you consistently stir it. Let it cool, and then make a compress and place it on the affected areas. Thyme, place a handful of thyme in a bowl with water and boil it. Let cool and then place it on the affected areas. This will assist in decrease irritation and itching on the skin.


Hot and cold compresses, try and relax in a quiet, dark place. Substitute cold and hot compresses on the forehead for about ten minutes. This will assist the muscles of the head and enhance the circulation of blood. Banana peels, place some alcohol on the banana peel and place it on the face for roughly thirty minutes. It should absorb the toxins and naturally decreases a headache.

Caffeine is considered a powerful vasodilator. A single cup of strong, black coffee without sugar will relieve the migraine. Almonds, consuming 100 grams of almonds each day, assist individuals in releasing endorphins which decrease those terrible headaches. Chamomile tea is considered a relaxing beverage; it has been utilized for decades in fighting migraines and severe headaches.


Orange and kiwi juice, consuming this beverage on an empty stomach before breakfast will give the individual adequate fiber. It will stimulate digestion and assist in eliminating constipation. Oatmeal with water and lemon could assist with constipation. Mallow tea or mallow infusion consumed each day prior to breakfast will assist in regulating intestinal transit, thereby fighting constipation.

Olive oil will aid in the ease of constipation; try to do several self massages each day. Place some extra virgin olive oil on the stomach and then massage using a clockwise circular motion. Stewed apple without the skin on assists indigestion. Once the system becomes normal again, an apple with the skin on can be consumed.


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