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Popular Live Workout Classes

Social distancing and global lockdowns have resulted in people adapting to the next best alternative. As gyms remain closed in most parts of the world, what better option than live workout classes? While you cannot recreate coffee runs with friends or meet your coworkers to catch up, you can definitely get your groove on without getting out of the house or setting foot in a sweaty studio.

Of course, now comes the big debate on which live workout classes to opt for. You’ll find loads of classes available, each one promising a fitter body. However, how do you know which one is worth your money? There are so many options available, from yoga to boxing to dance to online HIIT classes.

We have listed the best live workout classes below:

1.   Yoga with Adriene


Yoga with Adriene has managed to lift people during these strange, hostile times. Adriene manages to challenge even the yoga freaks who thought their body is capable of any pose under the sun, including the pretzel pose. However, this doesn’t mean that Yoga with Adriene is not for beginners. Her classes are great for those who cannot even reach their toes. There are loads of videos and options that you can find, depending on what kind of yoga you are searching for. Adriene’s relaxing voice will soothe you- it is no wonder that her 6 million + subscribers cannot get enough of her.

You’ll find videos like Yoga for Runners and Yoga for Uncertain Times as part of her most popular collections. Don’t worry; you do not have to be a pro yogi to enjoy the beauty of Adriene’s classes. The best part is her dog, Benji, who makes special appearances during her workouts. What better view than a blissfully unaware, cute little dog?

2.   Sweat with SELF

Looking for some fast-paced classes? Sweat with SELF provides HIIT, cardio, and strength training classes that are bound to make you feel like you are shedding some serious weight. The backdrop is often the NYC skyline with our hearts and keeps us going when we feel tired. The instructors are motivated and upbeat- always ready to encourage women as they lose hope. Sweat with SELF has an in-person gym class vibe due to how upbeat the classes are.

The best part is that no trainer expects you to work out for more than 30 minutes. Most of the classes range from 10 to 30 minutes in total. The little timer right at the bottom helps you keep track of time. You do not need any external weight apart from your body weight. However, if you want to make things tough for yourself, you can always incorporate some dumbbells and kettlebells. Keep in mind that the hyper nature of these classes means that you cannot work out at 6 am, especially if you have neighbors living beneath you.

3.   Popsugar Fitness

One of our absolute favorites, Popsugar Fitness, provides HIIT, cardio, and dance classes like no other. You feel more connected as two or three trainers get together to work out with you, motivating you every step of the day. You will notice Popsugar fitness right off the bat because all the trainers have a cheerleader-like tone that is extremely supportive, especially when you cannot go down into another squat.

You can opt for cardio, sculpt, and dance classes depending on what workout has your interests. Working out online can be boring and monotonous, but not with Popsugar Fitness. You will always feel like you are working out with your friends, and by the end of the class, you will feel energetic and happy as the trainers make you forget about most of your worries.

4.   Blogilates

Most yoga fanatics swear by Blogilates, especially those who enjoy some arm and ab workouts. These workouts do not last more than 10 minutes, so you can easily squeeze them into a hectic schedule. Pilates is one of the techniques used here to tighten and strengthen muscles and ensure a leaner body. Cassey, the wonderful instructor, shows followers how working out at home can be so easy. The best part is that there is no added equipment other than a yoga mat.

These short workouts are extremely achievable as they do not feel draining or boring. In fact, it feels like you are working out with your very own personal instructor who is guiding you every step of the way- all from within your living room.

5.   Heart and Soul Fitness

If you’re into hardcore HIIT workouts, you may have heard of Heart and Soul Fitness. These quick workouts do not waste too much time and make you feel energetic for the rest of the day. You might question how a 15-minute workout can be useful, but believe us, once you work out with Coach Kozak and Claudia, you will understand how 15 minutes are more than enough for a leaner body.

Heart and Soul Fitness is a workout class that is not flashy or wild. The two instructors work extremely hard on their clients and provide exercises that do not need too much floor space to perform. The best part is that these workouts are for fitness fanatics and those who are just getting into the workout scene. Coach Kozak does full workouts, while Claudia provides modifications for followers who struggle a little or have joint problems. So, don’t worry about your fitness level- at Heart and Soul Fitness, you will always have an instructor to look up to.

6.   Move with Color

Did anyone say free dance classes? That could be one of the best things to happen during quarantine! Move with Color isn’t your generic, serious workout class. Instead, it focuses more on putting followers in a better mood while directing pent-up energy to dance workouts for 10 minutes. You can also opt for 45-minute sessions, but you will only find a few of those.

Move with Color will make you feel like you are in some international dance competition as you bust and move with confidence. You can choose from several music genres to get your heart racing and blood pumping instantly.


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