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Sodas That Can Increase Risk Of Cancer

We all love sweet beverages. In the summertime, it can be very refreshing to have one occasionally. This is an unfair practice, and it can have many side effects, dehydration being one of them (if you drink the wrong beverage). Understanding the side effects of having these drinks can help us know how bad it can be for our bodies if we consume them regularly.

The University of Buffalo tried this on many women who were suffering from breast cancer. The women were in two groups of those who drank these sweet beverages (multiple times a week). The other group was those who consumed these beverages occasionally. They found that the women who drank this more often were the ones who suffered from a higher likelihood of getting breast cancer and dying from it. This clearly shows us that there is a direct correlation between drinking these sweet beverages and getting cancer. 

Even when diet soda was added to the study, it yielded the same result. Even diet soda can be a cause of cancer. 

Why Is Diet Soda So Glorified Even Though It Can Lead To Cancer Too?

Diet soda may lead to cancer, but it does not have the high amounts of sugar that standard sugar has. Even coffee tea and fruit juices can be good for health to an extent, but when you add a lot of sugar, it can cause many adverse effects. 

Some studies point out that even having a lot of sugar can cause or keep cancer cells growing. So reducing the amount of sugar, in general, might be a good idea for most people. If you drink many sweet beverages every day, it might be a good idea to reduce the consumption of these items as they can severely affect your health. 

High amounts of sugar are terrible for the body as they can lead to weight gain, leading to a host of new problems like type two diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. 

Which Drinks And Juices Are We Talking About?

As a rule of thumb, all beverages that are too sweet should come into this category. All kids of aerated drinks- Pepsi, Coke, Sprite, etc. Packaged juices have very little fruit in them and lots of sugar. Even having too much natural fruit juice can also be harmful when consumed in access. You should also have tea or coffee without too much sugar. Use a spoon when adding sugar to ensure you do not add too much. 

Excessive weight gain may be a big reason for cancer developing, but the added chemicals in these beverages can also be essential for getting cancer. 

What About Artificial Sweeteners?

These are sweeteners with no calories but sweet, so they are good if you are diabetic or very weight conscious. However, there have been many studies saying that these are even more unhealthy than regular sugar. However, there has not been any direct evidence shown between artificial sugar and cancer. So this can be a safer option in a limited amount. 

Do I Cut Sugar Completely?

No, that is not necessary. All you have to do is consume it moderately. You can also try to use healthier options if you like sweets a lot. Having fruits is a good choice because they are sweet, but they also have many beneficial micronutrients. Stevia is a natural sweetener that has no calories. You can try that out as well. It will be more expensive than regular sugar, but it can help you be healthy and keep your weight in check. 


Having a few sugar-filled sodas is alright occasionally when you are with your friends or want to have one because they taste great. It is crucial to have it in moderation because everything in this world can be harmful when in excess, and this goes for sweet beverages. 


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  1. sugar is like dope , it consumes peoples minds , and it rots teeth , causes obesity and also causes diabetes ,,, and just look around more overweight people than slim ones , and diest soda GOD only knows the damage that does

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