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Thesis Founder Julia Teren Speaks to “Radical Purity” in Beauty

The Quest to Create Pure, Gimmick-Free Beauty Products

A family of “happy vegetarians” dedicated to making 100% synthetics-free, truly organic, and natural skincare products started Thesis in 2009. The outset’s goal was to help individuals with different skin types achieve healthy-looking skin without using synthetic ingredients or animal products.

“Radical purity” means there are no synthetic chemicals, animal products, testing, and premium certified organic ingredients used in every Thesis beauty product, wrapped in eco-friendly packaging. The brand’s “no gimmick” philosophy, translated into practice, is refreshing given the confusing or misleading marketing we often see in beauty products. This commitment to transparency combined with affordable and efficacious products has made Thesis a standout in the category of natural beauty.

A Founder’s Story

Julia Teren is a first-generation American who decided to pursue the American dream to become an entrepreneur. Like many of us, Teren was a beauty enthusiast who had tried hundreds of expensive products (natural and not-so-natural) with mixed results. Her focus on efficacy came from her personal need to find products to help when she started experiencing dry, oily, itchy, acne-prone, and flakey skin.

Teren turned her kitchen into a laboratory. She tried everything from well-known brands to DIY recipes she cooked up. This allowed her to gather insights that shaped Thesis’s product development. Teren discovered that most beauty products are focused on symptoms rather than on root causes of skin problems. This discovery inspired her to research ingredients and formulations that meet her standards of avoiding synthetic chemicals and toxins while delivering superior results.

After a year and a half of research, including diving into skin biology, Teren was able to commit to her platform of “radical purity,” replacing synthetics with naturals but also eliminating cheap carrier or base oils, animal products, waxes, water, and everything else that’s used to force oil to mix with water. In fact, many of the Thesis’ products are food-grade nourishment for your skin.

Handmade Skincare from the Best Natural Ingredients

Teren believes that using quality ingredients is the key to success in creating pure and effective skincare. Thesis products are made with only the most potent certified organic botanicals (oils, butters, essences, herbs, glycerin, etc.), premium natural salts and clays, and other ingredients baking soda or pumice that come straight from nature.

Thesis even eliminates chemical processing, using raw carrier oils, butters, and botanicals that are naturally loaded with antioxidants that treat and protect skin from oxidative stress while hydrating it, preventing signs of premature aging, and supporting overall skin appearance and health. The brand stands ready to certify that ingredients that have been processed (refined, deodorized, bleached, etc., to achieve longer shelf life and smoother texture) are less effective.

In fact, some of the brand’s bestselling products come in less common formats like multi-tasking powders. Powder cleansers that can also be used as face masks are free of water, essentially a filler. Teren also points out that powders are free of preservatives and allow for customization by the user: thicker, thinner, grittier textures, and varying levels of potency. Try highly rated Thesis Beauty Tender as Petals Organic Facial Cleanser to experience gentle, customizable cleansing.

Even the packaging used by Thesis is designed to limit negative environmental and human impacts, including glass vs. plastic bottles that protect the high potency ingredients from light exposure, making them less effective. Thesis products are also PETA, and Leaping Bunny certified, using no animal products or testing.

The company produces its skincare line by hand, in small batches made in the USA, making it easier for Teren and her team to maintain the highest standards. Many of the ingredients are sourced from US farms and producers, helping to balance their carbon footprint. They also source Fair Trade certified ingredients worldwide, including organic shea butter, raw cacao, sugar, and argan oil.

Self-Care at the Heart of It

The care Thesis puts into the creation of their product is inspiring. We all face unique challenges, even more so now. Among them, for me, has been the sense that there are less reason and time for self-care. Beauty and self-care routines have changed for many of us as we face the blurred lines between managing work, home, and family. In small or big ways, caring for ourselves does not need to be an indulgence or something we hesitate to do. Many of us may discover that the benefits of focusing on ourselves and our skin condition — even when we feel stretched — increase our sense of well-being and our ability to take care of others.

Choosing what you add or subtract from your personal care routine can be a reflection of what you care about in a broader sense. Supporting socially conscious and environmentally friendly brands such as Thesis will enhance the benefits you get from using the product. Doing the right thing never felt so good!

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