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Top 15 Towns For Antiquing

However modern we try to become regarding our fashion, home décor, etc., there’s just something about vintage items. Whether it’s how a house is designed or bell-bottoms making a comeback in fashion, vintage articles would never go out of style, and we know it—even the top interior decorators or designers of today scourge the past for vintage inspirations. Not only can you use antique furniture and home décor to give a unique feel to your home, but you would also be able to save a lot of money too. There are more than a few cities and towns in the USA where you could go antique shopping and find one-of-a-kind items. This article will help you get familiar with the best towns you can go to on your quest to find antiques.


Best towns to go antiquing

Palm Springs, California This is a place that no one can deny is the best place to start your search for antiques. We suppose you wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Palm Springs on top of our list. It is the best antiquing town, by, far in the US. The city has many architects who make the town rich and flourishing with their chicly designed houses. Indeed, Palm Springs can be called the mecca of all people drawn to antiques. Palm Springs, California, houses many antique stores, the most famous one being the Sunny Dunes Antique Mall. This store has vintage clothes, homewares, postcards; you name it. In addition, each spring and fall, the Palm Springs Vintage Market is held with great pomp and show, and a great many antique merchants get a chance to show and sell their wares.

Wiscasset, Maine Maine is a state that surely doesn’t lack its fair share of small, charming towns, among which Wiscasset is the most important. This town is picturesque, and you can treat your eyes to the Federal architecture of the 19th century. The store owners in the Antique District of this town mostly specialize in vintage art, nautical collectibles, and antique weapons.

Palm Beach, Florida Palm Beach has a long heritage as a resort town for the higher classes of society. Thus, it’s no surprise that it also turned out to be an awesome antiquing district. One of the premier areas to shop for antiques in Palm Beach is the Antique Row (West). This area houses more than 40 stores that sell antiques dating back even to the 17th century.

Charleston, South Carolina Charleston is another place with a rich heritage, which goes back to when America didn’t even begin. Located in South Carolina, it is one of the only southern towns which still maintains its charm and character through the beautiful, historic architecture. In the heart of the city lies the hub of antiques, that is, the Charleston Antique District, which stores furniture, décor, and accessories for your garden.

Clinton, Tennessee The Antique District of Clinton consists of more than 20 stores that house collectibles and antiques. Not only can you find a lot of American antiques in the stores here, but you would also find a generous share of European antiques. The oldest and most famous antique shop here is Burrville Antiques, specializing in vintage home décor and furnishings.

Walnut, Iowa Since 1987, Walnut has been crowned as the ‘Antique City of Iowa. Walnut is a great beauty by itself; it houses more than 15 antique shops among its streets lined with trees. Every June, the city is decked up for the Walnut Antique Show, which brings in vendors and eclectic antique merchandise.

Hazel, Kentucky You might imagine a sprawling city with a huge population when we talk about the best towns for antiquing. But that is not always the case. The best areas for antiquing don’t necessarily have to be large. Hazel is one such town that is small and has a low population. Yet, it is known as the “Capital of Antiques” in the state of Kentucky. From glassware, home furnishing, and accessories, you will find every antique in this place.

Buchanan, Virginia The once-empty storefronts lined up on the Main Street of Buchanan, Virginia, slowly gave birth to the Antique District of Buchanan. Most of the shops here are in historic properties. Some of the best stores you can visit to collect antiques in this district are Best Places Antiques and Picker’s Paradise. You also need to visit the flea market, where vendors from all over the state and Shenandoah Valley come to sell their wares.

New Orleans, Louisiana The two reasons why the historic and beautiful town of New Orleans is on the list of the best antiquing towns in the US is because of ‘Magazine Street’ and ‘Royal Street.’ Magazine Street boasts of 40 stores that house antiques from the 18th and 19th centuries. At the same time, Royal Street is great for antiquers searching for vintage clothing, art, silverware, etc.

Stillwater, Minnesota This list would have been incomplete without all these names, but Stillwater is one town that stands out. Forbes declared the Stillwater Antique District as one of the prettiest historic downtowns in America. The Midtown Antique Mall gives space to around 65 vendors to sell various antiques, from vintage salt shakers to clothing.

Adamstown, Pennsylvania Right in the heart of Pennsylvania lies Adamstown, the antique capital of the USA. It is a large and thriving antique district and is home to about 5000 vendors. Flea markets, vintage shops, and antique stores flourish here and draw thousands of customers throughout the year.

Galena, Illinois  Galena, also known as the Windy City, is not on this list only because it has vintage markets and antique stores all over the city. The town of Galena is so popular among antiquers because, in this town, they are far away from the bustle of larger cities. So, if you love antiquing and want to choose your vintage items in peace, you must visit the Antique District of Galena.

Millerton, New York Sure, places like New England may have famous shows such as the Brimfield and others. Still, ardent antiquers know the charm and appeal of the Antique District of Millerton. Beyond a shadow of any doubt, Millerton is one of the best towns in the US to go antiquing. In addition, Millerton is another town that proves the size and population of an antiquing village don’t matter.

Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas both fall under the best antiquing towns in the US. A major reason for this is the State Line Road and the 45th Road. You will find many stores that house a huge variety of antique, vintage items, collectibles, etc.

Boston and Brimfield, Massachusetts Boston is one of the US’s oldest and most historic cities. Thus, it’s no wonder that you can find a great many varieties of antiques in Boston. However, if you are a passionate antiquer, you must also go to Brimfield, about two hours away from Boston. Besides being home to scores of antique stores, Boston also boasts of America’s oldest flea market held outdoor.


It was tough to get your hands on beautiful and rare antiques a few decades earlier, whether to showcase them at your home or to gift them to a loved one. But due to the abundance of flea markets and antique stores in the smallest towns and cities, collecting vintage items has never been easier. So check out these 15 towns mentioned above to get your hands on some of the best antiques. 


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