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Why Do Plant Based Diets Heal Your Body

A diet that consists mainly of one or more foods derived from plant sources contributes to a plant-based diet. This diet consists of primarily consuming or only foods that are directly from plants or plant sources. A vegan diet or vegetarian diet, whatever you call it, does not contain any animal products. It also focuses more on healthy wholesome foods, rather than the processed ones. 

Plant-based diets are often encouraged for the healing of the body as it has many health benefits. Here are some of them. 

Diabetes Prevention And Treatment


Vegan diets help in effective diabetes prevention and treatment and improve insulin sensitivity, and reduce the body’s insulin resistance. Weight is the primary factor in any disease. An increase in the number of fatty tissues makes the cells more insulin resistant. Some studies in 2009 also showed that just 2.9% of the people who were on a vegan diet had type 2 diabetes compared to 7.6% of people who had non-vegetarian food. 

Vegetarian diets, including dairy and eggs, bring a lower risk of type 2 diabetes than non-vegetarian eaters. Vegan diets can reduce the need for a certain amount of medication, lose weight, and enhance other metabolic markers. Nowadays, type 2 diabetes is a common problem, but we can battle it to a certain extent by going vegan. 

Even doctors recommend vegan diets to people with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes for its health benefits. All vegetarian diets would help to make improvements. One should only choose that diet which they can follow long term. Animal foods raise cholesterol levels which increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. This risk is comparatively lower in plant foods. A diet consisting of high-quality plant foods is said to reduce type 2 diabetes by 34%. 

Successful Weight Management


Often, we struggle to manage our weights. Going vegan can surely help you to manage your weight successfully. But as days are passing by, more and more people are turning towards a vegan diet in the hope of shedding some extra weight. Many studies have also shown that people with vegetarian diets are thinner and have a lower Body Mass Index(BMI) than non-vegetarians.

Again, this has been proved by several studies, including the gold standard in scientific research, that vegan diets are better for reducing weight than non-vegan ones. A calorie-restricted diet tends to be less effective than a vegan diet. It was recently proved in an experiment when participants in the vegan diet lost more weight than a calorie-restricted diet, even when they were allowed to eat until they felt full. Even when you don’t follow the diet correctly, having plant-based food helps to lose weight. 

Plant-based diets are naturally satisfying and rich in fiber, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight. Plant-based diets are more effective for weight management as they actively reduce calorie intake. And that is why they are effective at promoting weight loss as they reduce the overall calorie consumption. 

A Vegan Diet Consists Of A More Decadent Amount Of Particular Nutrients

Getting started with a vegan diet requires the elimination of meat and animal products. It will surely make you depend on other foods. In any vegan diet, the replacements are whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans, peas, nuts, and seeds. And all these contribute towards the higher consumption of high-quality, beneficial nutrients. According to studies, vegetarian diets have more antioxidants, fiber, and some plant compounds that quicken healing. 

They also contain more decadent amounts of potassium, magnesium, folate, and vitamins A, C, and E. But different diet plans in plant-based foods have different quantities of nutrients. So poorly plan diets can also provide insufficient amounts of essential fatty acids, vitamin B1w, iron, Calcium, iodine, and zinc. So it is necessary to carefully plan the diet and stay far from fortified foods and nutrient-rich whole plants. 

Manage Blood Sugar Levels Effectively And Kidney Function

As mentioned earlier, going vegan can prevent or manage type 2 diabetes. People living on a vegan diet tend to have lower blood sugar levels and higher insulin resistivity, and a much lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. According to some studies, vegan diets also reduce blood sugar levels in people with diabetes more than the diets in the American Diabetes Association (ADA), American Heart Association (AHA), and National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP). 

A vegan diet is also said to reduce the dosage of blood-sugar-lowering medication. 

Moreover, people with diabetes who take plant proteins instead of meat can also reduce the risk of poor kidney function. Various studies have also proved that a vegan diet can also provide complete relief from systemic distal polyneuropathy symptoms, in which people with diabetes face sharp, burning pain.

Protection Against Certain Cancers

In a recent study, WHO has announced that about one-third of all cancers are preventable if we can better care for ourselves, including our diet. Studies also show that eating a certain amount of fresh foods and vegetables every day can lower cancer threat by 10% to 15%. Even eating legumes can significantly decrease colorectal cancer. 

In veganism, people naturally have more greens and fresh fruits along with legumes than non-vegans. Vegans get the benefit of dying less with cancers. People who avoid certain animal products can also save themselves from prostate, breast, and colon cancers. People eating more soy items also develop some protection against cancers. Highly processed or smoked meats or meats cooked at high temperatures often contribute to certain types of cancers. Vegan diets are better in that way.

It might not be the best choice as non-consumption of dairy products can slightly increase prostate cancer chances. On the other hand, dairy products can also potentially reduce the risk of certain cancers like colorectal cancer. Thus, having the proper amount of dairy products can also reduce cancer risk in vegans. All these studies are observational, so understanding the exact point that reduces the risk of cancers in vegans is a bit difficult. The research is yet to be complete. But it seems wise to include more fresh fruits, vegetables, and legumes in the diet if you are yet to be a vegan, reducing the amount of processed non-vegetarian food and meat. Building muscle strength through proper diet 

The Bottom Line

As new studies are being done, some say consuming nitrate-rich leafy green foods like kale, spinach, and so on can help to enhance muscle function. It, in the long run, helps to prevent failure and fractures. Conversion of nitrates to nitric oxide in the body can help in better blood flow, which increases the performance of exercising and physical fitness.


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