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Why Soy Can Be Bad For You

The most controversial topic on nutrients is soy. Is soy healthy or unhealthy? You all must be knowing that it is one of the beneficial nutrients which contains a rich amount of protein. Soy is proven to have many health benefits like controlling blood sugar levels, improved heart health, lessening menopause symptoms, and lowering the risk of certain cancers. Yet, some people are worried that soy is healthy to eat? For instance, some people fear that soy may increase the risk of breast cancer or may hinder thyroid function, etc. 

When you visit a market, you’ll find that all the processed food is soy-based, which ruins health. Some reasons to stay away from soy are the same as staying away from grains and legumes. There are several medical proven studies on why soybeans are bad for health, and to get to know you, you have come to the right place.

This article will guide you to have an in-depth knowledge of why soy is bad for your health.

Soy Can Affect The Estrogen Level

The nutrient present in soy, known as isoflavones, is often considered similar to the hormone called estrogen, a female reproductive hormone. Though they are identical, the isoflavones have a slightly lighter effect than estrogen on the body.

Can Cause Risk Of Cancer

Some people believe that eating soy can increase the risk of having breast cancer and endometrial cancer. But many scientific studies have proven it to be wrong. Yet, there may be some effects of soy intake that protect against cancer but cannot be fully agreed with.

Improper Functioning Of The Thyroid

Some researchers found out that intake of soy may reduce the function of the thyroid. This is hence proven by the test-tube and animal studies and research. But again, this study or examination cannot be entirely relied on. 

Feminizing Effects In Men

Studies show that soy intake has the risk of reducing the male hormone, which is testosterone. The main reason behind this is the nutrient that is present in the isoflavones.

Danger To Babies

Soy nutrients negatively impact the brain. It also affects the immune, thyroid, sexual development in the body. 


GMO’s modified version of soy is the GMO. GMOs contain fewer nutrients, and they are more herbicide than organic soy. There can be a long-term negative impact on babies too.


The compounds present in them may impact the body by lowering the absorption power of vitamins and minerals. It also depends on how soy has been cooked, fermented, sprouted, etc. this all measures the antinutrient levels in soy.

Digestive Problems

Soy affects gut functioning, which possibly results in inflammation and digestive issues in the body. Soybean can cause stomach pain, intestinal side effects and also can cause allergic reactions on the body, which may involve rash, anaphylaxis, and itching. 

Soy Can Cause Kidney Stones

There is a fear in some people that consuming a high amount of protein can cause kidney stones as they contain a group of chemicals called oxalates. The main ingredient which is responsible for causing stones in the kidney is oxalates. People with severe kidney issues can develop health problems by consuming soy, and some chemicals present in them can weaken kidneys and cause kidney failure. 

Soy Products Can Increase The Risk Of Bladder Cancer

Consuming soy can also impact the bladder, and also you are at high risk of getting bladder cancer if it is common in your family. If you are diagnosed with bladder cancer, you should avoid having soy-based foods to affect your health. 

 As far as the negatives are concerned, they follow most points of consuming soy. 

Also, it is worth mentioning that not all soy foods are good for health. They are not super nutritious or beneficial for health. Science says the less soy is cooked, the more profitable it contains many vitamins and minerals. On the flip side, the more cooked it is, the more chances there is a large amount of salt, sugar, and fat present, making it less nutritious. 

Is Soy Destroying The Planet?

Some people believe that eating meat destroys the planet, and replacing it with soy is considered a good alternative. This is not true. This Is not how the industrialization system works. Soybean is considered to be one of the most destructive crops of all motocross. They rob nutrients from the soil making the soil of ultimately no use. The majority of the soy goes in vain to feed the livestock and eventually get sick eating it. Now some industries are providing meat with injected soy. This is one of the reasons why factories are clear to save animals and save the environment. 


Soybeans are nutritious and are plant-based compounds. However, despite being so healthy, there is an inevitable downfall, including GMO content that affects your body long-term by affecting the growth, digestive problems, sexual maturation, thyroid health, and risk of breast cancer. It all depends n on the minimally processed food to the food which Is highly processed. Therefore, researchers need more results to conclude.


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