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Why You Should Be Grounding

What is Grounding?

Grounding connects your body to the Earth and has a perfect mix of physical and spiritual energy in the body. Pure energy makes you feel energized, rejuvenated, steady, focussed, and well-rooted. All due to the growth in technology, we have started to disconnect from ourselves. It causes us to feel completely drained, both physically and emotionally. Poor sleep patterns, pain, poor circulation, and fatigue are widespread problems nowadays. Grounding, also known as earthing, is a therapy that reconnects you to the Earth because Earth has numerous positive benefits on the body. Grounding is a great way to curb inflammation, muscle damage, cardiovascular disease, chronic pain, and mood swings. The electrical conductivity that lies in the living cells helps our immune system work efficiently. Grounding helps to strengthen this defense system.  It also impacts the RBC clumping and improves cardiovascular health. Grounding also enables healing abilities, mood improvement, and pain reduction. 

The simplest way to ground yourself involves walking barefoot in dirt, grass, or sand. There are also various grounding mats available for this purpose. It is quite simple. We are all bioelectrical beings that are made of a positive charge. Earth comprises a negative charge. When we contact the Earth through grounding, we release excess energy and get a healing effect in return.

Types Of Grounding

There are various types of grounding techniques. They are all based on reconnecting our bodies to the Earth. The most common ways to do so are:

Barefoot Walks

One of the easiest and best ways of grounding or earthing is to walk barefoot. You may do so on grass, dirt, sand, or mud. It lets the skin touch the ground, and thus the grounding energy enters your body. 

Lay Down On The Ground

Your skin can easily establish contact with the Earth by lying down on the ground. You can lie down on the grass or the sand. But before doing so, find a secure place and be cautious so that you do not get injured by lying down.

Swim In Water

Water is another therapeutic way to ground. Paddling in a lake or swimming in the sea is an excellent way to ground. Just be safe while swimming in deep waters.

Grounding Equipment

If it is not possible to go outside to the ground, there is a lot of grounding equipment you can use. Some of the most common equipment you can use to ground is grounding mats, grounding sheets, grounding socks, or grounding bands.


Exercising is a great way to help to ground. It will help you relieve stress and improve your focus. You can walk, run, practice yoga or tai chi, lift weights, or go in for any form of exercise that makes you feel happy and charged.


Crystals are other objects used to ground your energy. You can carry them in your pocket, anywhere you go. Common crystals used for grounding are Red Jasper, Hematite, Carnelian, Gold Tiger’s Eye, Garnet, Amber, and Pyrite.

Tree Meditation

Find a place under a tree where you can sit quietly, take deep breaths, and feel all the energy. It is a great way to pull the energy from Earth. Raise your arms and stretch to feel all the fresh air and energy around. It will strengthen your spirit and make you relaxed. 

Get the Maximum Benefit From Your Grounding Therapy By

    • Practicing it daily: Practice makes you perfect. Even if there is a day when you don’t feel like exercising or meditating, you still need to keep yourself motivated. 
    • Do it early in the morning: Grounding yourself in the morning will give you immense energy. 
    • Avoid being judgemental: When you are grounding, do not concentrate on your surroundings. Just focus on how nature makes you feel.

Healing Benefits of Grounding

Reduced Inflammation And Pain

Grounding helps to reduce inflammation and pain. It also improves the sleep pattern, relieves morning stiffness and soreness.

Decreased Stress Levels

Grounding helps to normalize the stress hormone. It, in turn, helps to keep the blood sugar levels in control, improves metabolism, and reduces inflammation. 

The Bottom Line

Our roots have greatly disconnected from the Earth. Grounding is a technique that gives a base to reconnect. Grounding is a perfect way to get the Earth’s positive energy that leads to healing. Earthing or grounding allows the negatively charged electrons to enter your body. They help to disable the radicals that cause inflammation. It also helps to reduce blood thickness, improves cardiovascular health, immune system, reduces stress, and improves your mood. Invest your time in getting grounded and feeling rejuvenated.


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