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Leo Tomorrow



Thursday 07 December 2023
You may have a deeply emotional urge to reach out to someone now, Leo. Maybe this is coming from the idea of reconciling with someone from whom you have been estranged. Maybe this is to plead with someone to change their mind about something. Or perhaps there is some other important reason why you feel the need to reach out. But before you do, you need to recognize that your emotions are what's driving you. Take some time today to bring common sense into the picture too. If you balance those things out, you will know exactly what to do.
Your emotions are right there on the surface right now, Aquarius. You may be having a hard time not overflowing with your feelings. This could be because you are upset about something that's going on in your life, since this is not characteristic of you. But the bubbling up of emotions is exactly why you should not yet address what's on your mind. Give yourself some time to settle in with your thoughts and to think things through. When you do, you will have a very clear idea of how to proceed - without getting sidetracked by emotions.
There are some destinations that require uncomfortable or even exhausting travel. To reach those places, Taurus, you have to go past polluted skylines along roads that are packed with traffic and ugly noise. It is the thought of the beautiful destination, though, that keeps you traveling. You are on a journey of sorts now, though it probably isn't a physical journey. It may have unattractive aspects to it and some rough roads to follow. But if you keep going, you will get where you want to be. Keep your target in front of your mind.
You may have begun to lose sight of something you have wanted for a long time. It's still there, lingering in your imagination and residing under the radiant light of hope. Yet you don't think about it as often as you once did because it has started to feel more like an illusion than a true possibility. Today or very soon, Moonchild, you will begin to see why it can still be yours and how you need to proceed. Don't ever give up, or you might not see the path you are meant to travel to get there.
You are usually a good judge of character, Pisces. You are also pretty good at spotting deception. Even though you always try to see the best in others, your sixth sense is usually so strong that you can detect untrustworthy people and risky situations, even though you always wish for the best. However, if you are overwhelmed now by whatever is going on in your own life, as you may be, then use a backup method to assess a new situation, just to be sure.
You aren't one to linger in a dark mood, dear Virgo. Even when things are going wrong for you, you tend to gravitate toward a hopeful mindset. But, as everyone does, even you experience times when you feel down. If you are overwhelmed now and struggling to remain upbeat, do your best to spend time around other people who are like you - people who bring light and laughter to the world. By being around that kind of good energy, you should find it easier to tap into it yourself.
When you think about a recent decision, as you probably do quite often, you wonder if you are doing the right thing. That's because you are a conscientious person who always strives to do the right thing, even when it is difficult. The very fact that you are considering this indicates that, most likely, you are doing the right thing. At the end of the day, Capricorn, you came to the decision after much thought. Now you need to let it go. Move on. Stop questioning yourself. You need to trust in your ability to decide what was right and what was wrong, and you already did that.
You may have an interest or a hobby that no one else in your life shares. That means that if you choose to engage in this, you will have to do so alone - for now at least. However, Scorpio, because you don't have anyone to tag along on an adventure with, you might resist going off on your own. But if you could be brave and get out there anyway, you might find some new and interesting friends who do share what you love so much. That would at least double the pleasure!
Have you ever turned on the kitchen sink in order to fill it up to fill a cup or rinse dishes, only to forget that you left the water running? Soon enough, the sink overflows, and then you have a big mess to clean up. You may be getting sidetracked now with a goal of yours, and this is your reminder to pay closer attention to it. You have set a few things in motion, Gemini, but if you don't attend to them, you might have a mess - or perhaps simply a loss of time - on your hands. But if you get back on top of it now, you will get where you want to go.
You may be overcompensating for someone who is not pulling their weight or someone who is not taking on a responsibility they signed up for. You may be rationalizing this choice, Libra, but it could be weighing on you now. You can't force someone to do what they promised they would do, but you don't have to do it alone either. You are encouraged to seek out assistance in making things right, whether that means calling someone to task or delegating someone else to do that for you. You need to be fair to yourself.
Sometimes, Aries, the only difference between a dream and reality is a practical plan. That may be true for you right now. You may be harboring a dream as something to savor and to give you hope, but you have not yet taken the next steps, and you need to. You are level-headed enough to come up with a strategy that can work, but you can't let fears get in your way. You may have to move quite a way outside of your comfort zone, but it will become familiar soon enough.
Surely even the greatest heroes throughout history have experienced fear at one time or another. You are trying to be brave as you enter into a situation that scares you a little bit. You don't want anyone to see you sweat, Sagittarius. You see yourself as a fearless leader, but right now you might have to admit to yourself that you are only human, even though you do possess some very powerful qualities. Today, give yourself permission to be vulnerable. There is nothing to fear, but by admitting that you do have some worries, you can deal with them logically rather than fearfully.