Leo Tomorrow



Wednesday 27 October 2021
Will a tiny bit of cooperation from you go a long way? Very likely! Yet, someone might brace themselves for resistance or opposition from you. But coming up with the right attitude, approach - and words - shouldn't pose a problem. Let someone know you're willing to 'play ball' or do what they expect an opposite reaction to. It's not only they who will benefit.
As unhelpful as pressure might feel in a particular area, it can be harnessed positively. Yes, many events you've experienced this year could make you qualified to write a book on how to do so! But try to see how any way you're pushed is on par with having the wind at your back. As pressure you've grown used to starts to ease, something is about to become noticeably more manageable.
The lessons we learn on life's journey mean nothing unless we understand and accept their meaning. You have a choice regarding how you reflect upon a past and potentially uncomfortable lesson. It may have been a source of angst or discomfort back then. But with a slight shift in attitude, the wisdom you can draw upon offers a tremendous source of inspiration and comfort for you now.
Inspiration and motivation often blend brilliantly to make impressive things happen. But if a tiny bit of doubt finds its way into the mix, we can quickly backtrack. As more doubts emerge, effort reduces further, and an important plan falls by the wayside. You know how and why a goal is so important to you. Don't let doubts grow to the point where you delay a reward that awaits you for being consistent.
Your ruling planet, the Sun, is halfway through its nine billion-year lifespan. So, in four and a half billion years, it will fizzle out. Does that give you something to worry about? Sure, it isn't a pleasant thought, but couldn't be further from anything that ought to concern anyone. The same could be said about one or two worries you may nurture in the present. Try to see them from the right perspective!
Some lawn mowers move forward without being pushed. Let go, and you'll watch one crash through hedges and fences. But only gentle control is needed to avoid such problems! Whatever appears or feels out of control now can likely be brought in line with surprisingly little effort. All you need to do is acknowledge and apply the control you have in the right way. Whatever you do, don't let go.
A step taken confidently is rarely regretful. Sure, we ponder on decisions made and action taken, wondering where our heads were at at the time. But if a strong sense of confidence underpins both, we know we did something right. So, don't convince yourself decisive action taken recently was wrong or badly timed. Current circumstances are a bit like waiting for a red light to turn green, that's all.
Would you walk along a rickety bridge, hundreds of feet above a mountainous chasm? A sturdy cable prevents anyone from falling. Sure, they might slip from time to time which will undoubtedly be unnerving. But they can trust an essential precaution is in place. A bold move you're considering could appear intimidating. But believe you have a cosmic safety harness. It won't fail you!
Even with the tiniest task, a risk of some kind exists. Of course, we can be oblivious to hidden and even ridiculous hazards, sometimes. But if we focus too intently on every possible problem our imaginations create, we'd achieve little or nothing! So, don't allow an inflated perception of an obstacle to prevent you from taking what you know is a helpful - and timely - step.
We should feel excited when we know we must let go of something we depend on to make space for what's more appropriate. But we know doing so is rarely easy. Fortunately, a change of attitude you experience could make what you need to release considerably easier. Try to focus on what you're heart reassures you necessary space made now is in aid of.
If two heads are to combine intellectual energy to become better than one, both people need to be on board with an idea or a plan. Two people with different ideas about how something should be done results in opposition, not teamwork. You know what you suggest or propose to someone benefits both of you. Keep making a point clearly, calmly, and sensitively – and with words like 'we' and 'us.'
How you convey or make a certain point could be more important than what you say. Of course, the message itself needs to be understood. But your words could end up going in someone's ear and out the other side if enough confidence or faith don't underpin them. Your self-expression is enhanced brilliantly now. So, seize a chance to say what needs saying eloquently, pictorially, and inspiringly.