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10 Cool Health And Beauty Products Worth Trying

When it comes to health and beauty products, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of alternatives. With new products coming in every day and new trends making up the headline every week, it’s hard to keep up. And the products are not only “new,” but they are also “improved.” Even the most basic everyday essentials have a “new and improved” upgrade.

As brands are coming up with smarter products, consumers are increasingly aware (and more concerned) about how their choices can impact the environment. So we have come up with a list of cool health and beauty products that are worth trying.

Whether you are looking for a volumizing shampoo or want some inspiration to upgrade your health and beauty product knowledge, we have got you covered. Below find a detailed description of 10 cool health and beauty products that you must give a try.

#1. HiBar Plastic-Free Shampoo

Are you looking for a hair-care brand that offers salon-quality hair care with zero plastic in the shower? Then HiBar plastic-free shampoo is all you need. As obvious as it may seem, the bar shampoo doesn’t come in a plastic bottle. Moreover, it has no sulfates, phthalates, parabens, or silicones, making it a hair and environmentally friendly product. The shampoo bar moisturizes dry and thick hair and is 100% safe for color-treated hair. If you have thin and lifeless hair, you need to try the HiBar volumize shampoo.

New to the bar shampoos? Don’t worry. Here is how you use it and leave your hair smelling fresh and beautiful. On wet hair, apply the HiBAR shampoo directly to your hair, or rub between hands to create lather. Now massage into your scalp and hair until you feel happy. Remember, never use lathering as a measure of how great your shampoo is. Rinse thoroughly, and you are good to go.

Here is a pro tip for storing HiBar plastic-free shampoo. Keep it in a dry place away from your shower or other sources of direct water. The design helps eliminate all the extra moisture, so if your bar is in a dry place, it is safe.

#2. Shea Brand Hydrosol Spray

Next on the list is Shea Brand hydrosol spray which can be a great addition to your morning routine. Whether you are getting ready for the day and set the natural makeup look or you are relaxing by the beach, a few sprays on your face can help boost collagen production and prevent wrinkles and guard against other environmental damages.

Shea Brand Hydrosols are created by purifying and extracting the essential essence of fresh leaves, fruits, and flowers. The spray works to balance and repair your skin. It hydrates your skin while boosting blood flow.

You can use Shea Brand Hydrosol as a toner before applying a moisturizer in the morning or at night. Moreover, you can also use it as a makeup setting spray. Or use it as a refreshing mist mid-day.

#3. CBD Hand Cream

CBD hand cream is an excellent moisturizing cream that leaves your skin feeling soft and smoother. Loaded with the goodness of avocado, olive, Eucalyptus oil, and Shea Butter, the CBD hand cream has everything you need to take care of your dry skin.  While it is of the most effective hand creams for sanitized hands, it is also made using the cleanest ingredients that are all locally sourced. The CBD hand cream is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben, EDTA, and sulfate-free. So pamper your hands by adding this hand repair cream to your everyday beauty regime.

#4. Youtheory’s Edible Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is an integral building block for bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skin. The body naturally produces collagen by digesting the proteins in our diet. As we age, collagen production in the body decreases, leading to wrinkled skin and stiff muscles and joints.

If you don’t want this to happen to you, try Youthoery edible collagen.  The brand provides this supplement both as powder and in the form of a capsule. For collagen powder, mix the content of the packet with half a glass of water. With regular use, you can improve skin elasticity and slow down the signs of aging. Moreover, it also helps reduce the risk of bone and musculoskeletal disorders.

#5. Thesis Beauty Tender as Petal Powdered Cleaner

Thesis Beauty Tender as Petals is a mild yet effective organic facial cleanser that leaves your skin smooth and clean. The 100% organic facial cleanser is free from any harsh synthetic chemicals, which washes away all the dirt, grime, and makeup without dehydrating your skin. The cleaner can also be used as a face mask that leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean, and supple.

#6. Beard Oil by Buck Ridge Soap Company

The global market for beard oil is expanding, and an increasing number of people are using it to promote beard growth and keep the beard soft and moisturized. But that’s not it. Beard oil can also be used as a styling agent. But it would be better for your beard than beard oils by Buck Ridge Soap Company. The all-natural blend of oils keeps your beard soft and nourished. Moreover, these oils are free from chemicals, preservatives, or any unsustainable ingredient. For best results, use the dropper top to drop 2-5 drops of oil and apply it on damp beard daily.

#7. Routine Cream’s Natural Deodorant

Want to smell fresh all day long without being harsh on the skin? Go for routine cream’s natural deodorant. The all-natural cream deodorant extra will keep your skin dry and fresh all day, and with summer right around the corner, that’s something you definitely need.

#8. Adoratherapy’s Room Boost Spray

Adoratherapy’s Room Boost offers a wide variety of room and body sprays made with all-natural ingredients. Whether you are at home or on the go, pick up the size that best suits your needs and keep your energy and mood alleviated with all fresh and soothing fragrances.

#9. Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner by Mill Creek Botanicals

Frizzy and damaged hair is often the prime concern for color-treated hair. But do you know you can fight off the frizz and enjoy smooth and shiny hair with Keratin shampoo and conditioner by Mill Creek Botanicals? Made with all-natural ingredients, this keratin repair formula renews hair from the inside and improves hair elasticity. Since it is free from parabens, sulfates, and artificial colors, it is a must-add to your hair care regime.

#10. Turmeric Supplements – Organic India

You must be aware of the miraculous health benefits of turmeric. It contains antioxidants that can prevent heart disease and a host of health conditions caused by inflammation. Turmeric is also known for reducing the risk of cancer. While it is an important ingredient in South Asian cuisine, its usage in the West is fairly limited. But don’t worry. Even if you don’t use turmeric as part of your cuisine, you can always add turmeric supplements to your diet. With regular use of turmeric supplements, you can improve joint mobility and support while enjoying all the other benefits that turmeric offers.

With these ten cool health and beauty products, you can enjoy better health without damaging the environment. So why not give them a try!


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