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Top Three Core Strengthening Exercises

Are you planning to get shredded and strengthen your core and tone your belly? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we have mentioned some best core strengthening exercises that will build muscles and strengthen your core and help you lose fat around your belly by targeting your core and obliques. 

Here are some exercises that will help you strengthen your core- 

Bicycle Crunches 

We are beginning with an intermediate exercise that is an effective move that is still uncomplicated to master. Additionally, you can modify it to suit your fitness level. As you progress and regard more muscle in your core, enhance the complexity of the movement so you can proceed to stimulate yourself and see outcomes.

You just need your workout mat and no equipment, as this exercise is solely based on your body weight. 

How to Perform this exercise:

  • Begin by resting on your backbone on the mat and raise your knees and feet off the ground at an angle making 90 degrees. 
  • Bind your hands back to your head to cradle your cervix and head, but do not strain too much on your neck and scalp. Let your elbows bend out at the sides.
  • Begin by lifting your arms and higher spine off the mat and bending to the left. Simultaneously, lead your left knee towards your ribs to bring your left knee and right elbow together.
  • Repeat the same thing with another side by drawing your right knee and your left elbow collectively.

How to Make It Harder:

  • When you touch the peak of one crunch (including the elbow at the opposite knee), wait there to stimulate yourself even further. You can even lock for a 5-count or do five more “mini crunches” at this compressed form.
  • A different way to improve complexity level is to elongate your legs past ninety degrees. The more upright and lower your loose leg is, the more difficult this movement will be.

Russian Twists

This movement will strengthen the obliques for a powerful core that you will observe when performing this exercise. It’s likewise a crucial move for stimulating the muscles near your ridge and easing back pain. Again, this movement can be changed to suit your fitness level.

You just need your workout mat and no equipment, as this exercise is solely based on your body weight. You can even use some weights like dumbbells, or you can also use filled water bottles. 

Using weights is completely optional.

How to Perform this exercise:

  • Begin by resting on your feet flat on the mat and raise your knees and knees bent at an angle, making roughly 90 degrees. 
  • Bend your upper body backward, so it’s at an about 45-degree angle with the ground, or bend your back to a position where you feel your core tightening.
  • Bow your elbows and press them out in the exterior of your body or meet them in front of your ribs, whatever you feel comfortable with. 
  • Begin moving your ‘trunk’ solely to the left. Maintain your core tight and engaged, and make sure you are not simply moving your arms and head. It would be best to twist your complete top half to the left (as considerably as you can fully go), and your rear half should not move at all.
  • Repeat the same, in a different direction.

How Many to Do:

A turn to the left and then to the right is considered as one rep. In other words: left and then right equals one—makeup to three sets of 8 to 12 reps. Pause amid these sets for at least 5 seconds.

How to Make It Harder:

  • To stimulate yourself, lift your feet rather than resting them on the mat while you twist.
  • You can also try holding a dumbbell in both hands near your ribs and rotating with it. 
  • A medicine ball or bumper plate can also be used. 


The best exercise for core strengthening is holding a plank for a minute. Holding a plank engages all your core muscles, including your obliques, and is one of the best exercises for core strengthening. It also works on your glutes, hamstrings and also improves balance and posture. 

  • Hold your forearms on the ground, with your elbows straight under your shoulders and palms facing forward in such a way that your arms are parallel.
  • Stretch your legs out behind you and hold your digits on the ground. Your body must form one even line from your arms to your feet.
  • Press your whole core to the back of your spine, your glutes, as well as your quads, and tuck your buttocks under a small to keep your lower back upright. Please ensure you are not losing your hips or lifting your butt raised toward the roof.
  • Position your head so that your collar is in an indeterminate state and your gaze is on your palms.
  • Hold this position for at least 30 seconds. 

How to Make It Harder:

  • You can increase your time gradually from 1 minute to 2 minutes to make this harder. 
  • You can also do plank twists by twisting your butts from one side to another. 


So these were the top three best exercises to perform in order to strengthen your core. You must do these regularly to see the results. Also, note that these exercises should not be performed if you have backache and are pregnant. I hope this article assists you in reaching your goal and making your core strong.


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