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Relieve Back Pain Quickly With These Tips

Having constant back pain negatively impacts your personal and professional life. You might find difficulty even in simple things like sitting for long periods, picking up an object, etc. And back pain is one of the significant causes of disability across the globe. There are various reasons for backache. Before knowing how to deal with this pain, you need to know the cause behind it. Only then can you tackle the pain. 

Your back pain is always associated with movement problems; that is, it can be due to not enough motion or too much activity, or improper motion. All these three reasons can lead to the onset of back pain. Sometimes backache is a warning signal of some other health condition that can be severe too. Therefore lower back pain needs strict attention and proper care. Let us see some of the reasons or causes behind the lower back pain. Because without knowing the cause, we won’t know what to improve or what to change. If the cause is a habit from your daily life, you can avoid them quickly to get rid of backaches.

    • Poor Posture
    • Sports Injury
    • Twisting Of The Spine ( While Lifting Heavy Objects)
    • Sedentary Lifestyle
    • Strenuous Exercise
    • Sudden Jerks Or Falls
    • Lack Of Proper Core Exercises
    • Muscle Strain
    • Stress, Depression, Or Anxiety
    • Ligament Sprains


Stretching is always best to relax your muscles. It helps to loosen up muscles and keep them moving. Therefore a quick stretch during your lunch break or even at your work table can help you to relieve back pain. It is effortless; stretch your arms above you and slowly bring them down to your toes; keep taking deep breaths during this stretching. Find some exercises or movements that provide you relief and keep on doing it. Do not force yourself into any painful activity. 


In this modern world, technology is deteriorating people’s posture. Many slumps and slouches are happening due to constant sitting in front of PCs and mobile phones. And this, of course, is bad for your back muscles. Therefore you must maintain a good posture while standing, sitting, or even breathing. For instance, if you are in your office, try to sit upright in your chair. You can also limit the usage of your mobile phones during the daytime; otherwise, rather than looking down, you can try to bring the mobile phones up. One more way to maintain good posture is breathing from your stomach and not from your chest. It will help you to sit or stand straight and exercise the stomach muscles. 

Decrease Stress Levels

Stress, anxiety, or depression is also one cause of lower back pain. So keep a check on the stress level, reduce the activities that cause stress, and manage them. If you cannot cope with stress by yourself, take the help of any counselor or support group to manage stress. 

Sleep Positioning

Sleep positioning is equally important as maintaining your posture while sitting and standing. The ideal position for sleeping is lying on your back or your side. Do not sleep on your stomach because the spine presses forward if you are sleeping in that position. If you sleep in a perfect position, you will not face stress on neck joints, soft tissues, etc. An ideal sleeping position is a good remedy in the relief of back pain. 

Proper Lifting Of Heavy Objects

You must know how to lift a heavy object properly. While lifting anything, don’t bend over; instead, bend at the knees and squat. Bring the thing close to your body and keep your stomach muscles active while picking up the object. Lift with your legs and knees.

Active Lifestyle 

Earlier, bed rest was prevalent as a remedy for backaches and pains. The main aim behind it was restricting the movement as moving hurts. But the reality is that bed rest doesn’t help backache but makes it worse. So it is better to carry on some light activities such as swimming, walking, yoga, etc., to keep your body motion without putting much strain. But remember that you do not do any strenuous activities like weightlifting, weight training, running, etc. Otherwise, your condition can worsen. Ensure that whatever you are doing is not causing you more pain. 


It will be better to visit your doctor at once because sometimes backache can indicate serious health issues and worsen if not treated on time. Then, you can take the advice of your physician and go for some muscle and soft tissue work, home stretches, and massage therapies. Backaches badly affect your routine life, so it is better to end it using simple hacks or doctors’ advice


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