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Teaching Your Kids About Sustainability

Helping your kids learn about sustainability is more important than it has ever been. By effectively enabling our children to realize the importance of preserving the environment, you will help them grow up as human beings who will play a key role in making this planet a more habitable place. Moreover, environmental learning comes with several other advantages for your children, including better leadership qualities, relationship skills, and creativity.

5 Sustainability Facts To Share With Your Children:

  • With energy-efficient clothes water, we can save more water in a year than a person can drink in their entire lifetime.
  • Compared to washing dishes by hand, the use of an automatic dishwasher saves approximately six gallons of water.
  • America uses 26 percent of the world’s energy – despite accounting for only five percent of its population.
  • Each year, energy worth over $13 billion – or $150 per family – leaks from residences through small cracks and holes.
  • Using a ton of completely recycled paper helps save what is equal to 4,100 kWh of energy, 60 pounds of emitted air, three cubic yards worth of landfill space, and 7,000 gallons of water.

How Can Kids Help In Sustainability Efforts?


You and your kids can create recycling bins, making the recycling process easier and simpler for everyone.

Picking Up Trash:

Organize a ‘green walk’ where you and your kids carry a bag and some gloves. Kids will understand the impact that cleanliness can make as they put in the efforts to make their streets and neighborhoods cleaner. If you can take other children along with you, it will be an even more fun-filled process for your kids.

Create A Compost Container:

When kids take care of their own compost, it helps improve their green habits.

Plant A Garden:

By growing your own food, you can make sure that it is organic while also cutting down the distance that the food has to travel to reach your refrigerators. Also, learning to plant gardens is something that will benefit your kids throughout their lives. You will soon realize that growing vegetables is one of the kids’ favorite activities.

Playing Outside:

Simply encouraging your children to play outside will go a long way in helping them learn about sustainability. When they play outdoors, they will appreciate the environment’s importance and will strive hard for its preservation.

Preparing Seed Paper:

All you need to do is take a bit of scrap paper, add some seeds to it, and plant. Not only will your kids understand the value of recycling, but it will simultaneously make the earth a little bit more beautiful.

Setting Up A Worm Farm:

Worms can efficiently break down any leftover kitchen scraps that you might have and turn them into rich fertilizer.

Preparing Cloth Napkins Of Your Own:

Yet another simple way to reduce waste and assist the environment. If you have older kids, this activity can even act like a rookie sewing project.

Reading Books About The Earth:

Books are an excellent way for your young to learn about the earth and all that it contains.

Perform An Air Pollution Experiment:

This little science experiment will help your kids understand the kind and extent of damage that air pollution can do and motivate them to minimize this pollution and keep the environment healthy.

Planting A Tree:

You do not need to plant a large tree if you do not have space; even a small one in your backyard can do a lot of benefits to the environment and your kids’ sustainability education.

Sorting Out The Garbage:

A lot of items that we place in the garbage are often compostable. When we compost food items, we are allowing them to decompose into fertile soil naturally.

Making A Compost Bottle:

Speaking of composting, you can join hands with your children to create a compost bottle. This way, the kids will witness the process by which compostable material breaks down inside the soil.

What Are The Benefits Of Conducting Sustainable Environment Activities For Children?

It Helps Children Learn About The Environment:

When children participate in environmentally relevant experiences, they learn new ways to take care of the planet that they reside on. Furthermore, such activities also instill traits like love and kindness for the earth.

Children Establish Caring Awareness:

When children familiarize themselves with the environment, they will understand the crucial role and massive responsibility they have as environmental stewards.

For instance, when you encourage your kids to water plants, you are effectively teaching them that, like humans, plants need water to grow, and it is cruel to keep water away from plants, just like it would be cruel to deprive a human being of water. This way, kids will develop a sense of responsibility and caring.

Increases Appreciation And Respect:

With their environment discovery, kids learn the importance of farmers and their job, which enables them to form a sense of appreciation and gratitude for them. It can also inspire them to do more for the environment.


To conclude, it is never too early to start teaching your kids about environmental sustainability – and the best part is that these lessons can be given in easy and enjoyable ways.


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