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Why Do I Have Trouble Sleeping

Sleep disorders are a severe problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Having a sleep disorder also can hurt your life. You cannot function if you cannot sleep well. In addition, sleep disorders can result in significant adverse effects on many systems throughout the human body, including the brain, heart, muscles, and immune and endocrine systems. There are an estimated 50 million sleep disorders in the United States, and many people have trouble sleeping without taking medication to help them. According to the Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States, sleep disorders affect 26.7% of adults. Sleep disorders can even increase the risk of depression and suicide.

Lower The Temperature

For many people, the temperature of their bedroom is too warm, and it causes trouble sleeping. Most certainly, a cool bedroom is an excellent way to have a good quality of sleep. For people with sleep apnea, their body temperature drops during sleep, which can cause them to stop breathing. Using a lower temperature for sleep can prevent this, as it will not drop as much as an average temperature would, therefore allowing the person to sleep peacefully. The University of Maryland School of Medicine found that sleeping at a cool temperature reduced the chances of developing sleep disorders by as much as 81%.

Practice Yoga, Meditation, And Mindfulness

Society has become increasingly sedentary, and a study has shown that lack of exercise is one of the significant causes of weight gain. Some people avoid exercise because they think it is too harsh for them, but many lifestyle changes are easy to make to start a more active lifestyle. The practice of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness can help reduce insomnia, manage stress, and reduce the symptoms of sleep disorders. When practiced regularly, all three practices can help you get more restful sleep and improve your overall quality of life.

Turn Off All Electronics

In a recent Digital World Survey, 19% of people thought that electronic devices directly correlated to sleep disorders. The survey also found that people addicted to electronic devices are more likely to suffer from sleep disorders, especially insomnia. The blue light emitted by electronic devices is known as “ultraviolet radiation” (UV) and is vital in the morning and during the summer months. UV is a significant cause of sleep disorders because it can affect the body’s circadian rhythm. The number of people who suffer from sleep disorders related to electronic devices is growing. The device’s intensity is also affected by the surrounding environment and the user’s body movements. 

Try Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a natural way to reduce sleep trouble. It is a type of therapy that uses essential oils to help you fall asleep, be more relaxed, and have a better night’s sleep. Essential oils are found in plants, fruits, and trees so that you can choose from a variety of scents. They can be used in oil, like massage oil, or a more portable liquid form, much like perfume. Many people, including children, wear aromatherapy oils as a perfume. Often, aromatherapy diffusers are used in the bedroom to help people fall asleep. It can also help you sleep better, so you wake up less tired and happier.

Limit Caffeine And Drink A Soothing Beverage

Caffeine is a well-known mood-elevating drug that most people consume to improve alertness and performance. Caffeine can harm sleep, but many other factors determine if you need more sleep than usual. For example, in addition to coffee and other caffeinated drinks, other sources of caffeine include chocolate, tea, soda, and headache meds. These can all have the same negative effect on sleep if taken in large amounts. Unfortunately, when you are sleep-deprived and overindulging in caffeine, you can often find it harder to fall asleep typically.

Try Sleep-Enhancing Supplements

The body switches from its active mode to its restful stage during normal sleep. However, without the right amount of sleep, the body may suffer from various disorders such as insomnia, fatigue, depression, and others. Luckily, sleep-enhancing supplements can help people sleep better and feel more refreshed during the day. It includes melatonin supplements or beta-blockers, which help you fall asleep faster and have a more restful sleep. The most reasonable method to combat this is to take foods and supplements that promote wellness and sleep. T

Reduce Irregular Or Long Daytime Naps

Long and irregular daytime naps are common complaints of people with insomnia. As with many sleep disorders, there are no set rules to get a good night’s sleep. However, common-sense suggestions help you reduce the risk of sleeping disorders. For example, having a regular bedtime and regular wake-up time every day enables you to reduce the risk of falling asleep during the day and the risk of falling asleep in the middle of the night. According to the National Sleep Foundation, about one out of three Americans have trouble sleeping every night. Sleep disorders can be challenging to deal with, and sometimes just a change in your routine can help you get a better night’s rest.

Don’t Eat Late In The Night

People often find themselves eating late at night, whether because they’re watching TV, reading a book, or hanging out with a friend. The fact is, eating later can have adverse side effects. Eating late in the night can lead to an increase in erratic eating habits and a decrease in the amount of sleep you get. In some cases, it can even lead to insomnia. One study showed that those who ate a meal after midnight were 30% more likely to gain weight and cause sleep disorders.


Sleep difficulties are a huge source of stress and anxiety, leading to more severe health problems. Without enough good quality sleep, you can end up feeling tired and lacking energy, leading to a host of repercussions throughout your life. Studies show that people who get less than seven hours have a higher risk of several health problems, including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. 


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