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Is Excess Skin Removal Procedure Safe?

Many people notice loose, saggy skin on their bodies after losing a substantial amount of weight. While losing weight is definitely an achievement in itself, it does come with issues like excess skin, which is described as surplus skin resulting from considerable weight loss. In other cases, excess skin occurs post-pregnancy or due to obesity.

It’s characterized as loose folds of skin that lose their elasticity. The worst part is that no diet or exercise can help get rid of this excess skin.

This is one reason why people with excess skin on their bodies opt for excess skin removal procedures. As the name clearly implies, it targets those loose skin folds on the body and gets rid of them through a surgical procedure.

But, is excess skin removal procedure safe?

This is one question that is commonly asked by a lot of people. A simple answer to this is that the procedure comes with a fair share of benefits and disadvantages.

The Why And How

First things first, it’s important to understand why and how excess skin occurs in the first place.

When you try to lose weight, and your weight fluctuates constantly, your skin begins to lose its elasticity over time. So, even after all the long hours spent at the gym, many people complain about not being able to achieve all their body-related goals. This is primarily because once the skin has lost its elasticity and the ability to shrink back to a defined shape. There’s not much anyone can do about it.

This is when excess skin removal procedure comes into the picture.

Note here that this isn’t a single, fixed procedure. It comprises a collection of different cosmetic surgeries that serve different purposes such as contour, tone, defines, etc.

Also, every individual is unique, and post-weight loss effects might not be the same for every person. Some people might lose a significant amount of weight that leaves behind very little excess skin, while others may have to deal with a lot of it. It’s not just about weight loss, but many other factors can contribute to excess skin on the body, such as your age, genetics, weight, etc.

The Downsides

While the decision to opt for excess skin removal is quite personal, it is essential that one fully understand its benefits and downsides to make a well-informed decision.

This procedure is safe, yes, but it does come with a few risks which you should consider and keep in mind when making a decision.

Chance Of Surgical Risks

Like any other surgical procedure out there, excess skin removal procedure also has a few dangers associated with it. One of the biggest risks of this procedure is that it can result in wound-related complications such as seromas, infections, and hematomas.

Since it requires the surgeon to make a large incision on the target area to remove the excess skin, it tends to compromise the blood flow and supply. This can further lead to wound breakdown and a poor, slow healing process, but the good news is that all of this is easily treatable.

Painful Recovery

Due to the large incision, recovery can be quite painful and also prolonged.

This particularly applies to the abdomen region, where this excess skin removal surgery can affect pain fibers, which can cause serious difficulties in pain management and the recovery process.

A lot of surgical procedures and techniques are quite less invasive, thanks to advanced technologies. Which greatly helps with the overall recovery and healing process. However, excess skin surgery heavily relies on traditional ways of cutting into an area of the body, making an incision, and stitching it up. That can turn recovery into a long, slow process.

It’s Not For Everyone

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for this skin removal surgery. Especially those who have chronic health issues like heart problems, diabetes, and hypertension, to name a few. In other cases, your surgeon might also feel that it would be best for you to lose more weight to achieve the desired results.

Keeping this in mind, if someone who doesn’t meet the requirements for excess skin removal surgery still decides to go for it. It could lead to severe complications that can adversely affect their body forever.



When it comes to any surgical or cosmetic surgery, scars are often a given.

But, not all scars are the same. In this case, the risk of scarring majorly depends on the target area, such as the upper body or lower body, and how the incision is made. If your surgeon is strategic about the placement of the incision and does it with great caution, you might not have to deal with tough scars at all.

The goal, however, is to make the incision scars as invisible as possible. So, even if you are left with noticeable scars, you can get rid of them by taking good care of your incisions. Try not to scratch the area too much and avoid direct sun exposure, and they will go away on their own with time.

Key Takeaway

There’s no denying the fact that excess skin removal procedures can significantly improve an individual’s body. Also their life by boosting their self-confidence.

While it does have some risks and dangers attached to it, it’s safe to say this procedure is harmless. It’s also quite a costly procedure, but it certainly guarantees the removal of excess. Loose skin on the body will significantly improve your confidence, self-esteem, and quality of life.


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