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Unhealthy Ways To Lose Weight

Weight gain happens when we intake more calories than our normal body requires to perform its daily function. The rate at which a person gains weight varies from individual to individual, and there are many reasons why it happens. One can lose weight by reducing the intake of calories and burning more energy with the help of physical activities. In this struggle of losing weight, many people tend to use unhealthy ways to reduce weight, which are ineffective and may adversely affect one individual. Here we have mentioned a list of some of the harmful ways a person follows to lose weight. 

Skipping Meals

First and foremost, people believe that skipping meals is one of the best ways to lose weight, but this is not true. When one skips meals, they might miss out on all the essential nutrients present in the food which your body needs. This might cause the person to switch to eat food containing high sugar leading to weight gain. Skipping meals lowers the body’s metabolism, leading to slower burning of calories, and can be a reason for gaining weight. Skipping meals can also affect your mood and work. 

 Cutting An Entire Food Group

People tend to eliminate a whole group of food in this chase of losing weight. Fruits are frequently portrayed as a high sugar food in weight-loss areas, whereas dairy products are considered inflammatory. Some diets even recommend eliminating these foods. Fruits are often criticized in weight loss as they contain high sugar levels, but eliminating them will lead to loss of natural sugar in the body. This is an undesirable method of losing weight as it will only lead to missing out on vital nutrients. 


Individuals with celiac disease should avoid gluten, but if you’re non-celiac, there is no need to avoid gluten. Eating food containing natural gluten causes no harm. Many products claim to be gluten-free but are not healthy as they contain high amounts of additives, salt, and calories. One can substitute this by including naturally free gluten-free food in their diet like fruits, vegetables, legumes, and proteins. 

Protein Shakes And Bars

The nutrition offered by these protein bars or shakes is very low compared to that of an actual meal. People generally trade their meals for protein shakes or bars as this lacks complete nutrition and does not completely fulfill one’s hunger. One must rather focus on eating healthy food to satisfy hunger and add nutritional value to the diet. 

Excessive Exercising

Regular exercise is very important and effective in losing weight, but too much of anything isn’t good. This implies that exercising too much doesn’t allow the body to recover and makes it difficult to burn fat, but how? Exercising too much can cause an increase in cortisol, which is responsible for stress in our body, making it difficult to burn fats, and hence losing weight becomes difficult. Building muscle mass is also very important. 

One must not completely depend upon cardio but also should add strength training in their exercise routine. To break down your lean muscle mass, one must avoid exercising on an empty stomach to form glucose for energy. Therefore, one individual avoids exercising too much and avoids exercising on an empty stomach leads to the burning of important energy sources and may result in less stamina.

Liquid Diet

One must avoid taking complete liquid. Many soups may contain high concentrations of sodium, causing an increase in blood pressure. This may also cause many underlying diseases due to the absence of fiber in your diet. Hence one must avoid a complete liquid diet. 

These are just a few of the unhealthiest ways people tend to follow in their quest to lose weight. These may be harmful and cause adverse health effects. Before undergoing a weight loss diet, always consult your doctor before. 

Tips That Can Help You Avoid Gaining Weight

    • Avoid eating food labeled with low fat.
    • Avoid taking stress. 
    • Get an adequate amount of sleep.
    • Avoid taking supplements to lose weight.
    • Exercise regularly.
    • Be physically active throughout the day. 


Certain ways to lose weight may seem tempting and makes one individual want to try them out. But doing so can cause you to lose your health. The tips mentioned above are just a few unhealthy ways people believe helps them in losing weight. Remember that your health is your priority, and you should be careful and aware of what is best for you as weight gain and weight changes can occur for various causes. 


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