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Benefits Of Strength Training

If your fitness trainer keeps telling you that you need to incorporate strength training into your workout regimen to meet your fitness goals, you should listen to them. Strength training has become an integral part of most fitness programs because of its scientifically-proven benefits. Both men and women can benefit from strength training equally.
If you’re planning to stretch yourself and take up the physically-demanding strength training program, you should first consult with your physician to be sure there are no health conditions that may worsen due to stress from strength training, especially if you haven’t exercised actively for a while.
Let’s have a look at the many benefits of strength training so that you can take up the challenge more confidently.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

People who partake in strength or weight training are less likely to develop cardiovascular disease. You can prevent the build-up of abdominal (visceral) fat with strength training. Strength training helps you burn more fats and calories. Visceral fat is known to be associated with the release of certain proteins that can promote inflammation. Inflammation can affect the blood vessels and lead to increased blood pressure, which can eventually lead to cardiovascular problems. However, when there is no fat build-up, the risk of cardiovascular disease is naturally reduced.

Controlled Levels Of Blood Sugar

One of the many reasons you may have consistently high blood sugar levels is the impaired or reduced capacity of the muscle cells to take up the sugar from the blood, resulting in which your blood sugar levels may be higher than they should be. The dissolved glucose in the blood is taken up by the muscle cells to generate energy that aids in regular muscular function and movement. Strength training enhances the muscles’ capability to take up glucose effectively from the blood, ensuring that the amount of glucose that remains in the blood is well within the normal ranges. As you can tell by the name, Strength training can help you strengthen your muscles and body. Strength training can increase the diameter and number of collagen fibrils in the tendons, thereby making them stronger. Stronger tendons are at a lower risk of injury. It won’t be wrong to say that strength training can improve your muscles’ ability to withstand immense pressure and stress, making them less likely to get injured.

Stronger Bones

Strength training not only makes your muscles stronger, but it can also make your bones stronger and reduce the risk of fractures. You’re less likely to get a fracture than you would otherwise get if you weren’t strength training.

Better Weight Control

If your regular workout isn’t helping you lose weight at the pace you want, strength training might help you. Strength training helps you burn more calories than a regular workout. Not only that, your metabolic rate is increased for up to 72 hours after a session of strength training. It means you continue to burn more calories even when you’re at rest and not working out. The more calories you burn effectively, the faster you’ll shed those extra kilos.

Improved Balance And Mobility

Another benefit of strength training is improved balance and coordination. Strength training is known to improve the flexibility of the muscles and improve overall balance and coordination. When strength training, you stretch your muscles and joints to their full range of motion. Doing so regularly will eventually increase the range of motion, which is how the flexibility of your muscles improves. With improved muscle and joint flexibility, there will be an improvement in balance and coordination on the whole, which will reduce the risk of falls and injuries.

Leaner Body

Not everyone who appears muscular is really muscular. In many cases, it’s the fat that makes them appear big. Strength training promotes the build-up of muscles. Muscles take up less space as compared to fat as they’re denser. When you build more muscles and lose fat, your body will appear leaner. However, that doesn’t mean there will be a drop in your body weight. You may not see any major differences in your weight, but you’ll sure notice a difference in your waist size. Leaner, muscular bodies, without a doubt, look all more attractive!

Better Mood

You’ll notice that you’re in a better mood most of the time when you start strength training. It’s because of 2 reasons. The first reason is an improvement in your physique and energy levels. When you look better, you’ll feel better about yourself, which will reflect your mood. Secondly, strength training promotes the release of endorphins that can uplift your mood and make you feel good!
Strength training is no joke, but it’s totally worth it when you look at the benefits. Strength training doesn’t just help you build stronger muscles and boost your physical strength, but the benefits reach far beyond that. Strength training is a holistic approach to a healthier, stronger, and fitter you!


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