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Best Teas To Start Your Day

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the morning and for all the right reasons. Without a morning boost of caffeine, getting through with the rest of the day gets challenging.  Read this article to know which tea you should drink in the mornings. 

Green Tea

Green tea has many more advantages than just acting as a refresher for you in the morning. It is the tea with the least amount of caffeine in it which is excellent for regular consumption. The oxidation is extremely low in it, which keeps your energy and mood stable throughout the day. Green tea carries enough caffeine and L-theanine in it to help you stay wide awake and completely alert. 

Green tea is usually best for people when they start their fitness journey, and that is because green tea is very helpful in burning fat. It boosts the metabolism, and you can burn fat throughout the day. It works best before workouts.

Oolong Tea

One of the underrated contenders in this field, Oolong tea also has caffeine as green tea and carries the other benefits of green tea. With the burning fat, Oolong tea is excellent for digestion, lowering cholesterol levels, and also helps maintain a proper glucose level in the body. Oolong is more robust in terms of flavor and works as a great alternative if you want something strong-flavored in place of coffee. 

White Tea 

White tea is from younger tea leaves which is why caffeine is also found more in these. This might be the right choice if you have a sweet tooth since white tea carries a naturally sweet flavor. White tea also has antioxidants that improve your health entirely and reduce cardiac issues. A cup of white tea in the morning would be great for having a productive day ahead. 

Matcha Tea 

Matcha tea is a form of green tea but in powder form. Note that this tea carries the most amount of caffeine in the tea category but is also the healthiest tea. One of the best reasons why Matcha tea is best is because it carries the properties of green tea, but you burn fat at four times faster rate! In addition, it has a compound called ECGC, which oxidizes fat during workouts. It has a much more calming effect and helps your brain relax and focus. 

Black Tea 

The list is certainly not complete without black tea being in it. Someone who is an addict to the morning caffeine boost through coffee should try this instead. The caffeine levels are high like Matcha, but the flavoring is different, and people find it tastes similar to coffee. 

It is a healthier pick if choosing between tea and coffee. The boost you get is similar to coffee but much healthier and not an up-down roller coaster throughout the day. Black tea also consists of various types of vitamins and minerals. 

Other Types Of Teas

    • Earl Grey 
    • Pu-Erh Tea
    • Yerba Mate Tea


Tea is a much healthier alternative to coffee. It has the boost you need with other beneficial properties. There are teas stronger in flavor and some loaded with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. L-theanine is also a type of amino acid. Choose the tea that matches your checklist and suits your taste buds. 


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