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Why Barre Is The New Trend

Barre is a fitness trend that has been growing in popularity, especially with the millennial generation. Over two thousand studios have opened up across the country, and many more are on their way. This equipment-free workout utilizes your own body weight and light dumbbells to help you sculpt lean muscles and lose weight. It has gained so much popularity in recent years, and you might wonder why. Keep reading to learn all about the barre.

What Is Barre?

Barre is a workout in which you perform many isometric exercises and small movements that can help work the muscles at specific joint angles in a range of motion. All the barre workouts are focused on improving the core strength and developing stabilizing muscles like the hip girdles and the shoulder. You might not target these muscles too much with other standard exercises, and barre exercises can help to strengthen these muscles. These exercises are centered around getting a better posture and thus making you look much more lean and strong. Barre exercises are very hard, and this is because these exercises are not normal in everyday movement.

What Are The Downfalls of Barre?

Even though barre is very good, useful, and new, it still has many shortcomings. If you want to grow muscle mass, then barre will not help you a lot. Your muscle endurance might improve and get better, but you will not see too much difference in muscle growth. Muscle strength will only increase to a specific limit because you will not be lifting heavy weights, and barre will not help you do that either. Your cardiovascular system will not improve much either unless you choose a barre class specifically for cardiovascular health. These workouts can be very static, and although some people might like it, others prefer exercises that are more energetic and involve more movement. 

Are Barre Workouts Effective?

It depends on what your goals are and what you mean by effective. Barre will improve your muscle endurance, posture, stabilizing muscles, flexibility, and even core strength. This exercise can help you tone your waistline, and this is one of the major reasons, so many people enjoy it. There are many different barre styles and many teachers who teach this, and all of them have the styles they use, so it might not be the same everywhere you go. 

Muscle Gain and Weight Loss 

Barre will not give you any extreme results, so if you wish to gain a lot of muscle mass or lose a lot of fat, barre might not help you too much. This is because you are not lifting any heavyweight, nor are there any significant cardiovascular exercises you can do, so you will not see anybody recomposition. However, if you are already quite fit, barre workouts can help you improve your posture and muscle endurance. 


The best thing that you could do is try and see if barre workouts make you feel better. Everyone will have different experiences with these workouts, and you can try and see what works for you, and based on that, you can proceed. Everyone’s body responds a little differently. You must look at it and see if you want to continue doing these workouts or not. If there isn’t a barre studio near you, then you can look for online classes. These exercises do not require much equipment either so that anyone can try them out.


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