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Worst Foods For Weight loss

Your normal diet makes a direct impact on your weight. Foods like coconut oil, eggs, and full-fat yogurt play a major role in weight loss. Whereas, if you have refined products, you’ll tend to gain more weight. There are a lot of foods that you should avoid if you want to lose weight. 

Potato Chips And French Fries

Potatoes are very filling and nutritious. However, potato chips and french fries are not healthy and nutritious. They have high-calorie content, and it’s pretty simple to eat a lot of it within a short period. In many observations, potato chips and french fries cause an increase in weight. And even a single serving of it increases the weight. Fried, roasted, and baked potatoes consist of acrylamides, which cause cancer. But if you love potatoes and are not ready to give them up, then you should have boiled potatoes because it’s healthier and filling at the same time. 

Drinks Containing Sugar 

Drinks like soda are beverages that contain sugar and are considered the unhealthiest foods in the world. The results of drinking such drinks regularly are hazardous. It has many calories; however, your brain doesn’t take it as a portion of solid food. Such foods will never make your stomach full, and there is no chance that you will have less food to fill the void in your stomach. Rather than that, you consume it with your normal diet, which makes it even worse. If you want to shred some fat, then you must prohibit yourself from consuming it.  

White Bread 

White bread is processed and consists of a lot of sugar. On the glycemic index, it stands in a very high position and can quickly increase the level of sugar in your blood. A few pieces of research show that eating two slices of bread regularly was connected with the threat of obesity. Luckily, there are many healthy choices available in the market that you can easily substitute in the place of white bread. One such bread is Ezekiel bread, which is the healthiest one available in the market.


Candies are also a portion of very unhealthy food. It has the maximum amount of sugar, refined flour, and additional oils—all of it in just a tiny pack. Candies have maximum calories and minimum nutrients. A normal-sized candy (covered in chocolate) consists of almost 300-400 calories, and the larger bars have even more calories. Unluckily you can find candies at every store. But if you are craving candies, have nuts or fruits, rather than having candies.

Fruit Juices

There are a lot of packet fruit juices that guarantee the content of fruits. But it’s not true. There are very few packed fruit juices that have a few amounts of fruit content. Such fruit juices are processed and have high sugar content. According to research, they have calories equal to soda. The whole fruit juice contains high amounts of fiber, but the packed ones do not have an ounce of fiber, and it does not need chewing. And the biggest drawback of having processed fruit juices is that it makes it easier for you to consume in large quantities, which further leads to overeating. Rather than drinking fruit juices, it would be best if you had a whole fruit.  

Cookies, Cakes, And Pastries

Cookies, cakes, and pastries are full of harmful compounds like refined flour and additional sugar. It also consists of trans fats, which are very dangerous as they are connected to many diseases. Cookies, cakes, and pastries are not pacifying, and there is a possibility that you might become hungry after having such foods. Luckily, you have dark chocolate, which saves you from cravings. 

Most Of The Alcohol (Particularly Beer)

Alcohol offers more calories than proteins and carbs (almost seven calories per gram). But the alcohol’s connection with weight gain is not proven yet. If you are consuming alcohol daily, it is mostly related to weight gain. However, if you drink alcohol once a month or occasionally, it will be associated with less weight gain. The kind of alcohol also plays a major role in determining its nature. If you have a beer, you might gain some weight, but, on the other hand, if you are drinking wine, then it might benefit you.  

Ice Cream 

Everyone agrees that ice cream is a great dessert. But it is unhealthy and high in calories, and many of them contain loads of sugar. It is fine if you are having a small amount of ice cream occasionally. However, its major drawback is that it is very simple to have in large amounts at once. The packed ice creams are harmful, but homemade ice creams aren’t. So you can make your ice cream with changes which would be according to you. Instead of adding fruit essence, you can add a whole fruit, or instead of adding full fat cream, you can add full-fat yogurt, etc.  


Other than the foods mentioned above, you must avoid pizza, foods with high sugar content, and coffee drinks high in calories at all costs if you want to be healthy and lose weight. After reading the article, the worst foods for losing weight mostly contain the ones which are refined junk foods. Eat a diet full of balanced and nutritious foods to keep your body and mind healthy and happy.


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