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Loosen Up Your Body With These Daily Stretches

Stretching exercises are great to do before getting out of bed. Even before beginning a workout and after a long run, stretching is brilliant. This article gives you the top exercises to loosen up your body. These can enhance your quality of life, relieve tension, and wake up your muscles. Take a look. 

Downward Dog

These stretching exercises are among the favorites of yogis. It focuses on shoulder and hip mobility while stretching your deltoids, lats, and hamstrings. Deltoids are your shoulder muscles, and lats are your mid-back muscles. So, here’s how to begin. You can start with a plank position, and shoulders should be over wrists. Then, pushing your hips towards the ceiling and forming a triangle is the next step. Straighten your legs as far as possible and your head between the arms. Spread your fingers as you reach your heels on the ground. Finally, your body weight is evenly distributed through the feet and hands. You can even make it dynamic by continuously moving between the downward dog and plank position. 

Side Bends

Does back soreness trouble you? Here’s one of the best stretching remedies. Side bends are easy. Stand with your feet together, absolutely straight. Your arms should be close to your torso. Then, trace your right hand along the right leg and bend towards your right. Hold the pose for ten seconds and do it 25 times on one side. Then, get back to the original straight pose and repeat on the other side. You may even begin with the left side. 

Triceps Stretch

If push-ups are your cup of tea, you can try triceps stretch. It focuses on your back, triceps, neck, and shoulder muscles. So, in this stretch, you need to lift your arms. Next, touch your back by bending your right arm at the elbow. Then, with your left hand, try pushing your right elbow down. Do it as much as you can and repeat on the other side.

Knee To Chest Stretch

Include this exercise in your stretching routines for your hamstrings, lower abs, lower back, and hips. It is amazing and enhances your quality of life. So, how to do it? First, simply lie on your back. Then, with your knee bent, get your left leg near your chest. Hold this position for some time with your hands (for around 15-20 seconds). For instance, if you bent the left knee for the first five times, repeat on the other side (bring the right leg up).

Butterfly Stretch

You can loosen up your body with these daily exercises mentioned above. But, with your upper body, the lower muscles need attention too. Particularly if you are starting with cardio, try butterfly stretch. It utilizes your back, hip, pelvic, and thigh muscles. So, you need to sit on the floor and join the soles of your feet. Keep the knees bent and outwards. You may hold your toes initially for a better grip. For around 20-30 seconds, flutter your knees down and up. 

Standing Quad Stretch

If you’re a runner looking for physical therapy, standing quad stretch is the best. It stretches your quads and is brilliant for those who run or jog. So, stand with your feet together. Next, bend your left knee behind and grab your ankle with the left hand. Repeat with the right leg. Hold each side for ten seconds. You may even take the support of a wall. 

Single-Leg Stretch

You require more flexibility in your hamstrings as most adults do. Also, with single-leg stretch exercise, you can focus on your core. So, how to do it? You can lie on your back and lift your left leg towards the ceiling. Then, lower one leg down and pull the other to your face. It is excellent for your leg muscle groups. Then, hold the calf portion of your left leg (if that is raised). Next, lift your shoulders. Keep your legs straight, and your toes should point outwards. Hold the position and repeat on the other side. 

Child’s Pose

It is among the most calming postures and is excellent for physical therapy. Also, you can include this exercise in your stretching routines. The child’s pose stretches the lats, lower back, and shoulders. So, how to begin? Get on an exercise mat with your hands and feet touching the mat. From your knees and hands, let your butt rest on your heels by pushing your hips behind. Also, the knees should be broader than your hips. Further, brings your arms in front of you. Then, look down at the floor. Make it dynamic and flow through your knees-and-hands position to the child’s pose.


If you have an ailment, consult your physical therapist before including these stretches in your routine. These stretches loosen up your muscles and enhance your quality of life. Practice them every day to improve your blood flow and derive maximum benefits. 


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