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Terrible Habits Making You Gain Fat

Fat accumulates sneakily in your body which is attributed to subconscious habits. That’s right; you are unaware of certain daily habits that increase the layers of fat in your body. However, the good news is that you can get rid of such habits and shed that fat without making a drastic change in your life. Studies have shown that certain habits are responsible for fat gain, so avoiding those habits will work wonders in your fat loss program. However, you might also be unintentionally harming your health in various ways. Hence, it is essential to get rid of unintentional habits that promote fat gain in your body. 

 Reduce Salt Intakes

Americans consume more than the required daily intake of sodium each day. In addition, you can find sodium in higher amounts in processed foods, chips, and other food products that are canned. So, does salt cause you to gain fat? The answer is not a direct no. Salt causes a bloating effect on the body wherein one tends to look fat and chubby. This also increases the waistline and makes it fluffy. Therefore, reducing your salt intake will drastically make you look lean and reduce bloating from your body, particularly your facial area. 

 Get 6-8 Hours Of Sleep.

Wake Forest researchers suggest that when individuals do not get the optimal amount of sleep each day, they gain fat. The optimal amount of sleep each day is 6 to 8 hours. Research has shown that the body does not get time to recover when one gets reduced sleep. In addition, reduced sleep decreases the leptin levels in the body. Now, leptin is the hormone that reduces your appetite. Hence, if you are sleep-deprived, you will feel hungrier and gain weight. 

 Eat slowly.

Scientists and dieticians claim that the communication gap between your stomach and your brain is 20 minutes in the sense of sending signals of being full. This means that once you start consuming your lunch or dinner, you can get the sign of being full after 20 minutes. Hence, when you have your food hastily, you will pass the threshold of adequate nutrition and will tend to be ridiculously full. Therefore, when you eat food slowly, you can control the amount you consume and track your calories. 

 Smaller Plates Work Magic

Research published in the Obesity Science & Practice journal states that around 98% of obese individuals tend to have food from plates with a larger diameter. When one eats food from a larger plate, they tend to put a lot of food on their plate. Therefore, smaller plates correlate to lesser calories. Hence, opt for smaller plates, as you will take less food while your plate is full and be a pro in weight management.

 Increase H2O Intake

It has been said that water is a compound with zero calories and can help suppress your appetite. Additionally, water helps in boosting your metabolism, allowing you to burn down calories faster. Another study by German scientists regarding water and weight loss states that drinking six cups of cold water reduces 50 calories. It is essential to consume water adequately as it also keeps your sodium levels in check. As water increases metabolism, you will notice that your exercises will show positive and faster results in helping you reduce fat from your body. 

 Avoid Skipping Meals

Americans are always on the run, and they tend to skip a meal. It is a fact seen in high schoolers and elders alike. Mainly, people overlook breakfast, and it impacts your day significantly. Studies have shown that skipping meals reduces your metabolism, making you a catalyst to host fat in your body. Additionally, skipping one meal might also increase your appetite for the next meal, and you might end up eating more. If you are busy, you can have some yogurt or smaller meals to balance out your calories. 

TV Makes You A Hungry Monster.

When you watch TV or Netflix, you are mainly focused on the characters and the storyline. However, you tend to be unconscious in terms of your eating habits. Therefore, many individuals tend to snack a lot while watching TV. Also, studies have shown that people who tend to watch TV do not realize the number of snacks they consume. They realize it only after consuming food in excess and when the TV is switched off. Hence, avoid grabbing a snack or eating while watching a show on Netflix or TV, for that matter. Additionally, TV tends to make you a couch potato as your physical activity is restricted when you are engrossed in watching TV.

Cut Down On Soda And Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks are the enemy of your body. If you don’t stop consuming sugary drinks, you are likely to gain excess fat. A gallon of soda is consumed weekly in America on average. Sodas increase the chances of gaining weight by about 35%. In addition, research and statistical data suggest that individuals who consume soda have a larger waistline than those who don’t consume soda or sugary drinks.


Now that you are aware of these habits and how they impact fat gain in your body, you can quickly get rid of them. However, it is also essential to develop good habits that promote a healthy lifestyle and nourishment. One also needs to consult nutritionists and take their health seriously as health is far greater than wealth. Eating healthy today is an investment for a longer future, and you will have a healthy heart, body, and soul.


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